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Release notes 5.0.694

  • New user look and feel implemented. The tone of the UI has been made more subtle and clear in the design.

  • New main user navigation added to easy user navigation. The user now has direct access to courses. There are links to:

  • 'Main' - the complete directory overview of all available courses and channels for the user

  • 'In progress' - the courses the user has accessed but not yet finished

  • 'Invited' - where the user is invited to one or more courses

  • 'My courses' - all course the user has accessed 

  • 'My channels' - all channels where the user has accessed one or more courses on the channel

  • New admin navigation introduced. The courses are dived according to the state of the content. Navigation is made cleared using a page for each stage.

  • 'Drafts' - all drafts available in the account

  • 'Versions' - list of all active versions in the account

  • 'Published' - list of all active courses and groups on the account's channels.

  • 'All' - the complete overview of all content and groups in the account (this is the same view as the current course tree list)

  • Question editor layout is changed for better display on small screens  

  • Reset password now logs the user out of all active sessions. When the user requests a new password, all active sessions will be logged out as well. The user is logged out within five minutes.

  • When a user is deleted from an account all active sessions are also logged off within five mintues. 

  • When a group is shared via 'direct link' then there is no button to show the channel. This makes it possible to invite users to one course without letting them get direct access to channel courses.

  • Test Runner icons for previous and next have been enlarged

  • Minor fixes and improvements


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