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A simple way to increase your business while helping our cause - Help people perform better.

Become a Sales Partner, Service Provider Partner, or both, today! 


what's in it for you?

Get exposure

By being featured in our partner listing you will gain exposure to 1000’s of potential clients. Our partner listing is based on your area of expertise.  

Free Partner Account

Get a Free Partner Account equivalent to a Starter subscription account (value USD 648/year) on our platform. The account can be used to promote your services in accordance with your listing. 

Discounts and premium support

  • 20% discount on your personal uQualio® Account - in case you need more than the FREE affiliate account

  • Priority support and quarterly webinars

Inspiration and community

  • Unlimited access to our virtual community of affiliates, inspirational courses… 

  • Access to discussions about upcoming features and prioritized development

  • Receive discounted tickets for events and priority for events hosted or sponsored by uQualio®

And much more...

how to join?

1. Book a meeting with us

2. Sign up for uQualio’s Partner program – it is fast, easy and free.

3. Fill in the information required for your partner listing on our website.

4. Create your channel and example courses directly on your uQualio account.

5. Direct your customers and users to your uQualio Partner Channel.

6. Earn up to 20% recurring commission* for as long as your referred accounts remain uQualio® customers. 

*This is only applicable for Sales Partners. Service Provider partners can also be Sales Partners.


sales partner programs

Earn  20% recurring commission  for as long as your referred account remains a uQualio® customer. 


uQualio® offers a range of different  subscription levels  that adapt to the needs and stages of all businesses. When your members renew or upgrade their subscription, your earnings act accordingly!


Basic Sales Partner

The deal is simple: market our cloud-based eLearning platform and get a 20% recurring commission for your referred accounts. 

Implementation & Sales Partner

With the implementation partner account, you can promote our platform and  provide your own consultancy services to help your referred new accounts getting started.

Account Service & Sales Partner

Create business through our platform. Manage your customers’ accounts and provide your own services as admin management 

their solution, create and publish courses based on an agreement you and the customer make. 

As a Sales Partner we expect that you

  • Have a valid certification through our training program according to Partner Level

  • Refer at least 6 new paid accounts per year

  • Maintain uQualio® values and follow uQualio® on social media

  • Have a local tax id and can invoice uQualio® when commission is due

  • Within one month after creating your affiliate account, create at least 3 free trial accounts, or added uQualio® information and affiliate links to your homepage, blog page or similar forum

  • Learn more about the Referral Partner Agreement here


Service provider partner programs

Increase your business by being featured in our Partner Listing where people who need your services can find you. 

As a Service Provider you can also apply for a Sales Partner account and earn

20% recurring commission  for as long as your referred account remains a uQualio® customer.

Video Production 

Showcase examples of your videos on your uQualio® channel and be listed on our Partner site as a video producer.

Video Content Provider 

Showcase examples of your eLearning videos as courses on your uQualio® channel and be listed on our Partner site as a video content provider. 

Voice Provider

Showcase examples of your voice on your uQualio® channel and courses and be listed on our Partner site as a voice provider.

Music Provider

Showcase examples of your music on your uQualio® channel and courses and be listed on our Partner site as a music provider.


& Software Vendor 

Showcase video courses on how to use your software solution on your uQualio® channel and be listed on our Partner site as a technology & software provider.

Business adviser

Showcase examples of how you advise customers. They need help with how to structure their solution for own employees, partners and customers.

As a Service Provider we expect that you

  • Make your channel look good with your offerings and showing price examples. We won’t publish your partner listing before it is in place.

  • Maintain uQualio® values (incl. items from terms and conditions on suitable content etc.)

  • Follow uQualio® on social media

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