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Release notes 5.0.749

15th of September, 2020

  • Multi assign users to course, multi assign courses to user: As part of making a smooth process when you need to assign more users to more courses in one go we have added Tasks to Course Manager. Here you have two tasks: 1) Assign Users to Courses and 2) Assign Courses to Users. Both tasks make it simple to assign many to many in one go without having to find each course or group and assign a user one at the time.

  • Poll Question result is displayed immediately after the user has select the answer. Previously the user had to review the answers. Now the results are shown right after the selection.

  • Directory - Invited: this page is now shown with all invited courses on the page and not a band, where you have to scroll if you have more than 3-5 invited courses.

  • Reports: Question type is added a column in the existing question related reports. 

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.747

11th of September, 2020

  • New question types added:

  • Poll question: here the user selects one of at least two options. In the practice the user sees the answer statistics from other users. The poll question can be used in both practice and test.

  • Text question: the user must enter a written answer to the question. The answer can be limited in both minimum and maximum length. The text question can only be used in test.

  • All questions types can now be marked as required for test. The user cannot submit a test without answering a question marked as mandatory.  

  • Quick Upload has been updated so you cannot start an upload without having entered a video to upload. 

  • Reuse Topics in Content Manager: Topics from the current content is shown by default to make it faster to add topics based on e.g. a long video for user with the scene selection.

  • Most images are now loaded lazy to improve performance. Only images that are visible to the user are loaded initially and other images are loaded in the background.

  • Notification emails are now always sent with a tile and not the logo. The mail template is adjusted to match the image aspect ratio.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.739

25th of August, 2020

  • Scene Selector is added to the content manager. This simplifies how you can use a large video by selecting the most relevant scenes instead of just posting one long video.

  • Performance issue with large grids solved. In some cases an opened grid make performance drop when you used Chrome or Edge on Windows. We have found the issue and have made a solution which seems to solve it. Please report any performance problems to 

  • White Label: Language selector is update so you configure the languages the user can choose between as client language.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.737

23rd of August, 2020

  • Achievement Page: The course description box is made wider so you don't have to scroll to read the description.

  • Content and Content Version have the content type shown in lists with the lock icon. It is faster to see what type the content is, dynamic or locked.

  • Question Editor has updated in design. There is more room for question and answer text. The question settings are moved to the top to make them easier to set. The new design is part of the work to add two new question types to uQualio®.

  • Grid buttons are made more uniform across all grids in uQualio®.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.736

21st of August, 2020

  • Unsplash images are now directly available for use in your content most places where your can add images ( Unsplash is a service providing free images for any use you need. This is a good way to find images that match your content on uQualio®. You can now search for images matching the terms 'Copenhagen summer' to get images from Unsplash included.

  • The user's search menu is now shown on the channel page. This makes it easier to go to your active courses and invites. 

  • Our grids are updated to be more consistent in layout and style. This is part of the ongoing improvement of how data is presented in uQualio®.

  • Cover images for content and channels where not always delivered in a size matching the user's device. Instead of an image of e.g. 50 kBytes the full size images of e.g. 5 MBytes would be sent to the user's device. This caused some waiting on slower connections.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.723

18th of August, 2020

  • User name is now set when a new user is created via a file upload. The user name is set as first name and/or last name if either is filled in the upload file.

  • Course page: if the user started with the practice questions directly, then the video would start automatically. Now the video does not start when the user selects to train.

  • Course users: The grid excludes all invitations that are removed by default. You can clear the filter to see all invitations or change to another state, e.g. 'accepted'.

  • When you send a notification the 'SEND' button spins while the notifications are created and send. 

  • Channel tile image is now updated to YouTube aspect ratio 1.77

  • Content editor: in some cases the thumbnail aspect ratio was shown in correctly in the content editor.

  • Course management: dynamic content can be pulled directly from the course tree to update course titles and descriptions.

  • White Label/Embedded: You can configure the languages available for the users. Default are all languages in uQualio®.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.720

14th of August, 2020

  • Webcam is now available for upload directly of images and videos. You can select to take photos or record video from your webcam and upload as resource files or as attachments to notifications and user feedback. You must allow your browser to access the webcam in order to make it work. We do not support Safari and Internet Explorer with this feature.

  • Grids - user can set the number of rows to display. The setting is a global user setting, which applies to all grids the user has access to.

  • Notifications - the image link was pointing to a non-existing URL in a number of cases. If there is no specific link for the notification, then the link is to the user's home page.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.718

12th of August, 2020

  • User feedback notification. When a user sends feedback the course manager who created the group, the course manager who changed the group as the last user as well as all course assistants assigned to the group will receive a notification about received user feedback. The notification is only created as an internal notification. The notification summary contains the feedback notification when it is sent to the admins.

  • Group users: You can now select one or more users in the grid and send the invitation to them only. This is addition to the inviting 'all users' and 'new users'.

  • All grids have sortable columns. Click on the heading to sort ascending and once more to sort descending.

  • Dynamic content: In some cases we created a new version without replacing the current content version for dynamic content. This is now fixed.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.717

11th of August, 2020

  • Publishing Settings: 'Advanced settings' button is shown disabled with an explanation for courses with only one video.

  • Channel Page, mobile view: Logo, title and teaser text are moved to the bottom on the image to match the layout on the mobile course page.

  • Course tree: you can now update content from the '...' menu in the course tree. You do not need to open the content. 

  • Browser tab logo has the correct size again.

  • All bread crumbs from courses navigates to published courses for admins.

  • Social sharing, some images were stored with extended links and did not show correctly when shared to social media

  • User import - button for errors and warning has improved text and coloring

  • User Notification log: First part of the notification message is shown in the grid

  • White Label/Embedded: when courses are hidden in the Directory, then the 'Course' menu item in the top menu is also hidden.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.715

6th of August, 2020

  • Test Runner design has been improved. It is easier to see what the next action is and it has been made clearer with colors on buttons etc.

  • Tile image size is changed to same aspect ration as YouTube, i.e. 1.77. This makes it easier to use the same images for YouTube and uQualio®.

  • User Notification log: First part of the notification message is shown in the grid

  • White Label/Embedded: when courses are hidden in the Directory, then the 'Course' menu item in the top menu is also hidden.

  • User import - button for errors and warning has improved text and coloring

  • Directory headings have been made clearer and matches font and size on the main navigation buttons.

  • As an admin you navigate to the course menu, when you switch account. This is more consistent with your workflow.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.710

3rd of August, 2020

  • Course page updates automatically when a new notification is made, a new activity is registered and when the badge chart needs an update. This makes the page more up-to-date without having to refresh the page to see changes.

  • Zip files can now be attached as resources to topics, courses and channels

  • When you copy a content draft then you navigate to the new draft when the copy process ends.

  • Channel page, contacts are shown with an icon for each group, e.g. Facebook icon, LinkedIn icon.

  • Channel page, mobile: The logo, title and subtitle are moved down so the image is not blocked.

  • Data grids are being updated over this and the next release or two. The data is shown more compact and layout is made more consistent. 

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.705

29th of July, 2020

  • UI design updated. The lines in main pages are made cleares. The admin button 'quick create' is changed to a link next to 'admin' to make user profile menu move to the right as before. Compressed the layout by making some padding smaller.

  • Directory is updated so the channel icon also links to the channel. 

  • As admin you can share a link to a content draft. When the link is opened the account changes to the correct account. If you had more than one account the account dit not update previously.

  • uQualio is upgraded to use the .NET Core 3.1 framework. As a user you do not see any big difference. The application may be a little faster than on the previous version. By upgrading we keep up to date with Microsoft's development and also the new features that may be added later.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

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