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Release notes 5.0.648

28th of May, 2020

  • White label

    • configuration texts for Privacy and Permissions now uses a standard uQualio® texts

    • warning text added for configuration items Privacy and Permissions to underline that uQualio®'s standard may not apply to their current situation.

    • Updated 'followers' as part of Social Sharing configuration. The feature is enabled/disabled in the application as specified in the configuration.

    • Sign in is now shown correctly for anonymous users who access the directory

  • When you access the application without any sub page link or parameters in the URL you are directed to the Directory. You can login using the button in the top right corner.

  • New users see the directory after a successful signup

  • Video upload warning. If the video you try to upload is larger than 15MB then you get a warning that upload make take some time. 

  • Configuration: The configuration bar progress color is changed to secondary color to make it easier to see. 

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.646

26th of May, 2020

  • New course directory created.

    • The users have a better view of all available content and channels for them.

    • The new directory contains both courses and channels with drill-down to a new tile view for each type

    • Performance updated for both courses and channels.

  • New user main page is /directory and not /user for normal users when they logon to uQualio®

  • Anonymous users are directed to /directory to have the new course overview as default to the application

  • White label

    • normal users cannot logon unless the account is active. Admin users can logon when the account is active, inactive or when payment is pending.

    • admin email without subject no longer show 'note from uQualio'

    • some configuration options set by default when the white label solution is created. This simplifies the configuration process for the account manager.

    • Buttons are now configurable for the end user user interface to match with a corporate branding scheme. The color can be set according to the importance of the button. 

    • configuration now includes how social sharing elements are made available in the application

    • browser tabs show account or channel names instead of uQualio®

  • Admin users are directed to the last account/channel where worked on when they logon to the application

  • Courses published on channels of type 'no channel' no long show 'MORE FROM ...' button 

  • Show Version and Content Preview now display the version number and created date for easier identification

  • Course manager did not always see his channels and courses in the tree. They are now displayed according to his role and current account/channel.

  • Content manager only see "Create version" and not "Publish" as available option as a content manager cannot publish a course to a channel.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.643

19th of May, 2020

  • Spinner is shown when the system works on something that takes long time. The user gets an indicatio that the correct action may take a little longer.

  • White label

  • Users cannot access a deleted white label solution

  • Permission dialog is responsive and does not show double scroll bars

  • A new user account is created when an existing user creates a new white label solution

  • Show Version and Content Preview now display the version and created date for easier identification

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.604

15th of April, 2020

  • Standard video next and previous icons ('|<' and '>|') are used in Practice Runner and Test runner

  • Mobile layout improved with footer no longer overlapping the last items

  • Affiliates and special subscriptions can now use SMS messages on their accounts

  • Course details - we have added created by, created by, changed at and changed by

  • White Label solution is ready for limited release. Please contact uQualio in case you want to use this option.

  • Achievements can be downloaded as PDF files by the course manager from the report 'Badge Achievements'

  • User notifications format texts with links so you can move directly to the item referred in the message

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.593

3rd of April, 2020

  • Improved navigation for account managers and channel managers with multiple accounts/channels. The user is taken to the correct account/channel when e.g. settings or content is opened.

  • Course, Advanced Settings: You can configure how the user navigates after a successful or failed test. When the badge is achieved you can send to e.g. the next course or link to your website.

  • White Label configuration; multiple items added, initial configuration check made, opened for limited release to new accounts (contact uQualio to support the setup process)

  • New admin notification: if your account is inactive or payment is pending, you will get a notification to remind you.

  • Social sharing links are improved as we now pass e.g. Facebook campaign ID's on to the link. It enables e.g. partners to have their campaigns matched to the share on Facebook.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.573

4th of March, 2020

  • Italian is now supported by the uQualio® client.

  • Content Editor: State of the draft is added below the content name. This helps you to understand if the draft is Active, Expired, Archived or Deleted.

  • Content Editor, topic reuse: content drafts with zero reusable topics are not shown in dialog to reuse topics.

  • It is only the account manager that can access an account if the account is inactive or has payments pending.

  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Release notes 5.0.569

26th of February, 2020

  • Content Editor: questions are now listed with start and end time in the overview if there is help defined for the question.

  • Content Editor, topic reuse: The content draft name is added after the topic name so you can see where the topic origins from

  • Content Editor, topic description: The user experience is improved as you open the text editor when you click anywhere on the text - and not only when you click on the small pencil.

  • Admin menus: In some cases the admin menus disappeared when you tried to click on an item. The menu should now stay open until you click on an item or click elsewhere in the application.

  • Social sharing improvement: We seem to have solved making social posts on LinkedIn and Facebook. The image is now the specific one and not our default image when we share.

  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Release notes 5.0.566

16th of February, 2020

  • Channel manager role can now be added from subscription level Starter+ so the new pricing model is followed for this role

  • Topics reuse: works for a new content draft, when a content draft is selected when only topics from this draft are shown.

  • Topics can now be reused. When you add a new topic to a content draft you can select to reuse an existing topic. The existing topic is copied to your content draft with all elements.

  • Channel Editor: 'preview' button is renamed to 'view' which is better as all changes to the channel are available at once.

  • Course tree: Search now displays what you searched for as header so you more clearly show that you watch a search result

  • Security: admin role for uQualio is restricted to specific email domains to prevent potential access from unauthorized persons

  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Release notes 5.0.560

6th of February, 2020

  • Content Editor: Made more clear that the thumbnail is an image, added a thin line around the image.

  • Course assistant could not access Course Tree as expected. A couple of issues have been fixed for this user role.

  • Notification Summary email: formatting improved.

  • Notification substitution has changed to mustache notation so we follow the standard in this area. Using '{{variable}}' instead of '##variable## in our notifications.

  • Dashboard prototype implemented for uQualio only area.

  • Social sharing updated, better, but still not 100% safe with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter...

  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Release notes 5.0.556

20th of January, 2020

  • Content Editor: It is made clearer how you can replace a video for a topic. A new menu with link to change video and thumbnail is shown.

  • Users can now deleted themselves if they were primary contact on a deleted account

  • Course tree: each type now has the name written on top of the item's name. Version number is shown for Content Versions.

  • Course tree: search box added so the user can search for text in the name, title or title of each item. The search results are shown in a flat list and not the tree structure.

  • SMS initial payment is 2 x minimum value. The minimum value has been reduced to 50% for all subscription levels.

  • Report descriptions updated with a full description of each report as mouse over on the reports dropdown list.

  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Release notes 5.0.554

16th of January, 2020

  • Reports - description added as mouse over in the dropdown to guide the user

  • Channels overview - added columns to shown internal name and channel type in the grid

  • Directory - private channels are only shown to invited users and not all users

  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Release notes 5.0.552

12th of January, 2020

  • Course tree: Filters support type ahead

  • Course tree: Site drop down is not shown any more. It did not server a purpose on this page any more.

  • New subscription limit: Active user count adjusted to the new item

  • Notification Summary: minor updates

  • Scheduled invitations can not be sent on time when interval comes instead of on at 00 minutes etc.

  • All links to updated as part of our website 

  • Minor fixes and improvements.

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