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Legal Terms

Copyright uQualio ApS 2020
​ uQualio® is a registered trademark and product owned by uQualio ApS. 

​All other trademarks and brands mentioned belong to their respective owners.​

Release Notes

For questions or suggestions for new features, please contact

  • Reports - description added as mouse over in the dropdown to guide the user

  • Channels overview - added columns to shown internal name and channel type in the grid

  • Directory - private channels are only shown to invited users and not all users

  • Minor fixes and improvements


Release Notes 5.0.554

  • Course tree: Filters support type ahead

  • Course tree: Site drop down is not shown any more. It did not server a purpose on this page any more.

  • New subscription limit: Active user count adjusted to the new item

  • Notification Summary: minor updates

  • Scheduled invitations can not be sent on time when interval comes instead of on at 00 minutes etc.

  • All links to updated as part of our website 

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release Notes 5.0.552

  • Channel Page search - button added to clear search

  • Course tree: A Channel Filter is shown if your account has more than one channel

  • Course page: The charts are now shown also with only one achievement received by the participants

  • New subscription level have been made due to feedback from potential customers:

    • No more restrictions on the number of active content versions

    • Increased channel limit for most subscription levels

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Release notes 5.0.550

  • Search for normal users - can pick channel and group as only types

  • User profile can be shared with meta tags on  social media

  • Course activity list now shows activity for anonymous based on their fingerprint. This way they do not just add to one activity for all anonymous access.

  • Scheduled invitations ready for production (known issue about how to time later scheduled invitation)

  • Course tree improvements and fixes

  • White Label fixes

  • Minor fixes and improvements


Release notes 5.0.541

  • Test questions statistics report: shows details on how the users answered tests.

  • Achievements list report: shows list of all achievements for your group

  • ​Minor fixes and improvements


Release notes 5.0.520

  • Content version: Version tag is reduced to "(v{version number})"

  • Fixes to course tree 

  • Channel page can be filter for course languages

  • Channel page, communication items are not shown when they are inactive

  • Channel Editor: inactive items now are tagged with 'inactive' to make it clear to see

  • Dialog boxes have changed a little in UI as we have updated our 'sweet_alert' component

  • Search form: SEARCH button moved to the right in the form

  • Course tree is ready for final internal review – will be introduced in the next release

  • Minor fixes and improvements


Release notes 5.0.516

  • Groups can be pinned to the top of the channel list. This way the course is shown in the first group on the channel.

  • Channel page now displays if a course is pinned and/or new. The users have a clear visual indication. Sorting into three groups: Pinned, New, All remaining.

  • Release note link changed on main page to match the new location on

  • Courses now have changed 'by' and 'changed' and 'updated' when a group is added. This way the course will move to the top in the new course tree sorting that is soon introduced.

  • Content Editor: The PUBLISH button is no longer available to users with only the role Content Manager.

  • Meta tags are injected for Channel, User Public Page, Course. Required for correct sharing on e.g. LinkedIn.

  • Confirm permissions dialog is now responsive on smaller devices so buttons are visible.

  • Minor fixes and improvements


Release notes 5.0.511

  • Channel page: Search and sorting added. You can now search for text in course title, course sub title and course description. It is also possible to sort by course name or date.

  • Main menu made much shorter as all Setting's submenus are moved to Subscription as either buttons or available through the gear. This brings the design in line with Channel Settings.

  • Added menu 'Affiliate' in Subscription and affiliate features are now ready for use. 

  • Main menu Settings reduced to only show Subscription page

  • Content Preview - badges are not shown if there are not test questions

  • Add SMS to your subscription: the field 'add SMS' is now prechecked

  • Uploaded videos now work on iPhone. Due to an Apple specific setting for the iPhone it was not possible to watch videos hosted on our cloud platform (YouTube and Vimeo worked).

  • Partner id is now registered for /freetrial with parameter partnerid=[xxxxx]

  • Content Editor - if you delete a topic, then you are now told that all questions are deleted as well

  • Content Editor - upload a new video as topic to a content draft generates a default thumbnail for the topic.

  • Minor fixes and improvements


Release notes 5.0.506

  • Content Editor - button for files is now aligned with button for questions.

  • Channels were displayed slow when you had many courses. This performance issue is improved.

  • Directory was displayed a little slow due to too many translations of the same text. This is fixed and performance has improved.

  • Error corrections:

    • Channel settings were not respected for Private and course types

    • When you send invites directly from creating a new user group it some times did not send the emails. 

  • Minor fixes and improvement

23.10 2019 

Release notes 5.0.489