Wouldn’t it be great if users had a better way to discover, understand and implement your latest software application, the newest features, support/FAQ, and/or latest updates?  

uQualio® is the easy to use and cost-efficient platform to achieve:  

  • Single access and communication point 

  • 24/7, universal access via PC, smartphone, and tablet 

  • To create interactive online video eLearning with quizzes, tests, gamification, competition, and more... 

  • Communication with users and user groups 

  • Monitor participants’ use and outcomes  

  • Document and Report Compliance 

Software Training

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Use video-based eLearning

create cost-efficient training and satisfied users  



​Organizations can:

  • Make social eLearning

  • Publish courses on a public directory. 

  • Have branded public and private channels. 

  • Publish private and public course groups.

  • Users own their own accounts. 


*Pricing from $54 per month.

Your own video eLearning platform

  • Completely branded and configurable based on your needs. 

  • Your own private or public directory. 

  • Have public and private channels. 

  • Publish private and public course groups. 

  • Can be integrated with other systems. 

  • You own the user accounts. 

*Pricing from $699 per month. 


Uncertain which solution is best for you?

Easy, Fast, and Inexpensive 

Publish, share, and interact with your learners quickly, easily, and inexpensively with the uQualio® video eLearning platform. 

Simple, Intuitive Interface 

All users, Admin and Learners alike, will be able to easily create, or navigate your courses and make use of the full feature set. 

Engaging Courses 

Create interactive microlearning courses and add gamification features to engage learners – helping them to understand your software and its uses, functions, features, and benefits. Your courses can be added directly to your application. 

Bite-sized learning 

With uQualio® video eLearning, learners get an overview of the content then select a 5-minute training segment and begin. By taking smaller bites, learners remain engaged, more easily comprehend the content, and build motivation. 


Self-paced courses 

At uQualio®, we understand the importance of user-paced learning to enhance understanding, retention, and integration. Our video eLearning platform is designed to maximize benefits for learners. 

Targeted training 

While users, and user groups, often have diverse needs, uQualio® video eLearning is a flexible tool that allows you to create and implement courses that meet the unique needs of all users. 


Simple design and application 

With uQualio® video eLearning, it is easy to reuse your content in new and creative ways – save time by recycling material, or change the progression, logic, or other, for new applications.  


With uQualio® video eLearning use as many channels as you need to reach the broadest possible audience. Each channel can work as an independent app to target a specific group. Use a separate channel, complete with custom layout and branding, for each large customer, create unique channels for each type of user, or by workflow, user need, or whatever best suits your situation. 

Global training ​

uQualio®’s video eLearning platform features multi-lingual distribution – publish your content in multiple languages globally, all with the simple click of a mouse. 



Learning for the modern learner 

Online Training focused on microlearning courses based on bite-sized training videos, makes it easier for your learners to digest. 

Use your own videos

It is easier than ever to create training videos, and therefore, easier than ever to make video training. 

Train everywhere on all devices 

M-Learning is the new way of learning. Mobile learning online removes physical barriers, making all your learning easily accessible.

Features that support learning

eLearning can use gamification, tests, and communication features to support your audience's learning process. Including social learning possibilities

High Impact – Low-Cost Training

Online Training provides high impact visual training at a very low-cost incl. potential marketing/branding of your company through diplomas on SoME.

uQualio® short version: The Best video eLearning Platform

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