Product Features

Your all-in-one video eLearning software platform


With uQualio you can create, manage, deliver, and measure the impact of your video eLearning learning for external and internal audiences.

uQualio enables you to

Build courses


Manage your learning activities


Create dynamic reports


Communicate within the platform


Customize your platform


Integrate with other apps and services

Course Builder

uQualio's powerful course builder is based on a flexible, customizable, and easy to use course template.

Add videos in multiple ways - smartphone recording, screen recording, link to external sources, or simply just upload them.

Use the videos as is, or use the scene selector to edit them or to divide them into several topics.


Add supplemental files to each video or to the course.


Add quiz questions and final tests with the option of one or more badge levels.

Use levels, categories and tags to increase user experience and to maximize eLearning.

Course Management

With uQualio you can publish your courses as part of a course program or as a standalone course. All courses and programs can be updated within the platform and all content can be reused and repurposed.

Create an easy and understandable structure within your solution, by using channels, categories, tags, levels and languages.

Easily invite users to take a course by adding them directly to each course via invitation, bulk upload or integration. Or add users to different listings and programs. You can always change, update and remove listings, programs and groups of users or individuals with a click of a button.

Dynamic Reporting  and Communication

uQualio dynamic reports enable you to follow the progress of your users through customized dashboards. Easily monitor the course progress of your participants.


Communicate directly with your users through the uQualio platform. Use custom filtering options to communicate with groups of users or individuals with e-mail or text messaging. 

Customize the Platform

Make the platform your own


Create your own branding


Create and upload all your media assets


Create and customize your content


Language configuration


API  to integrate with the apps and services you need