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The Ability to Act Agile

By Kent Valentin Fallesen, CEO & founder

Digital transformation creates demand for agile organizations – which again calls for tools to support their ability to act agile.

Digital transformation - Threat, Vision, or simply just today's way of doing business?

Companies have begun understanding the need for changing their approach to conduct their business in a more digital manner – either forced by upcoming new tech-based startups or simply because of visionary thinking. Not all companies need to become completely digital – but almost all need to adapt digital approaches in at least some parts of their processes. At uQualio® we experience that organizations start to understand how modern digital eLearning tools can support their ability to act fast and agile on a global market, simply just as how to run a business nowadays.

Implementation of change - Change how you train and communicate with your global sales and service organization

Today many companies have teams to travel around the world to train both sales reps and technicians. This is proven as a very slow, extremely costly, very in-efficient method, and with very low impact on learning, sales and quality. And the methodology is in no way able to support the company’s wish of acting fast and more agile in the market place.

Introducing a completely digital solution such as an online based video eLearning platform could do the trick. This will support agility and work as a platform for the company to get closer to the different markets and its key audiences by having them on the platform. The training can increase mind-share at sales reps, and influence the key audience directly, now and with regard to future product releases. And ultimately get input back from the market in real time. Getting the training done immediately, very inexpensive, and with much higher impact is truly more agile compared to an approach with a team travelling around the globe to train the local subsidiaries, distributors and partners in general.

Increase in video training of sales reps

At uQualio® we experience an increase in training of sales reps at channel partners such as distributors and retailers, who would normally be trained by the company’s business partners cross different markets. We believe, moving forward, that manufactures will take a much greater responsibility by offering digital based training of key product features to the dealers' or retailers’ “front-line” employees – simply for the reason to improve sales and customer loyalty. Due to the digital transformation and need for agile organizations, there is no time and money for the development of long and expensive learning programs – agile organizations call for agile learning tools, which offer fast, easy and inexpensive production and distribution of online training to a diverse group of learners. Short bite-sized training videos with elements of interaction and

gamification are a very good answer to today’s organizational need and, we believe, will change the sales organization by reducing the need for travelling employees doing “Train the Trainers” programs or promotional field trips worldwide. 

Global need for being agile

At uQualio® we also experience that the digital transformation is a global trend. We are happy to acknowledge, that within the last three months we have had “visitors” on our webpage from more than 100 different countries from all over the world, and without having any local representation in any countries at all – other than Denmark of course! So, the question is: Why do people look for a video eLearning platform, where you from anywhere can create and publish online training to your key audiences located anywhere, 24-7? We believe that the increased need for agile organizations and not least - innovative agile commercial organizations - is the explanation of a great part of the search for agile eLearning tools such as uQualio®.

Overcome of silos and traditional procedures

Today it’s commonly understood, that the digital transformation is the profound transformation of business and organizational activities, processes, competencies and models. Traditional 3-5 years business plans no longer fit today’s needs. It’s key to be agile in a constant changing organization and that calls for constant agile training of skills and communication. This trend is common for all organizations across the globe and across all kind of industries. As a consequence, leaders and decision makers need to implement a learning culture and overcome classic organizational silos including traditional sales and marketing procedures.


uQualio® short version: The Best video eLearning Platform

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