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Software Reseller

First Global Software reseller platform connecting Software companies with Enterprise Customer through Resellers 

We provide consultancy and solutions to our clients which are small, huge SMB, and Enterprise size companies.

Partner Horsepower is a one-stop shop for any customer who wants to buy the uQualio platform or other SAAS solutions for their end customers.

The concept is to empower potential clients with reputed SAAS company's products so that they can grow and increase their revenue per customer.

Partner Horsepower offers online demonstrations, consulting, and implementation of setting up your own video eLearning platform uQualio.

Sales and demo presentation:

We are based in India and the US

Areas of expertise:

uQualio demonstration and implementation, Consultancy




English, including tagalong Indian and APAC-specific languages.


  • All Partners listed on our website are independent legal entities.  
  • The relationship between a Sales Partner and uQualio will always be that the Sales Partner is an independent referrer who can make a commission when referring customers to sign up with an account on the uQualio platform. All Sales Partners have been certified in the use of the uQualio platform. The level of certification matches the services they offer.  
  • If you and a Partner, Sales, or Service Provider, enter into an agreement about the provision of the Partners services, it's up to you and the Partner to determine the costs and terms of your agreement. uQualio does not under any circumstances take responsibility for the outcome of their services. uQualio does not get involved in any current or future disputes between you and any Partner. 

Feel free to contact uQualio if you have any questions!

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