We have built a partner community where you can find Sales Partners and Service Providers that can help you with your training projects in different ways.

Explore the list and find your perfect match! 

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Flow Connect 4

Video is a powerful tool for e-learning!

Flow Connect 4 supports companies in creating best videos for effective e-learning courses using uQualio to train a group of employees wherever you choose - on demand.
Educate Your Team!

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Imc AG

The experts in creating digital training solutions

imc is the leading full-service provider for digital training solutions in the fields of technology, content and strategy. We make learning better by redefining the way you learn. We combine conceptual strengths with implementation power for the best learning experience, 100% individual and suitable for your company. Our portfolio includes the conception and build of tailor-made 2D, 3D and live action videos.

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KAPI ApS - Video2Learn

Why make it difficult when awareness can easily be reached

Video2learn translates difficult issues into understandable messages based on the needs of the individual company and the professional level of the employees. We offer videos like video-lexicons, e-learning for awareness, onboarding, compliance, procedures, workflows, guidelines, etc. with the possibility of certification of employees.

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LearningPlanet Limited

Bringing affordable learning to the world

LearningPlanet is a privately owned and operated organisation. We’ve created a training resource library that can be used as, when and how anyone needs it – it’s a revolution in online learning for individuals and businesses in the areas of Sales, Service and Leadership.

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Your Project IS My Passion

Professional VoiceArtist with broadcast quality home studio. Self-directed, or live direction available. All sound files can be edited, split, and sent in any format. Excellent communicator and very easy to work with.

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Susie New voice provider

English, female course provider/narrator

A professional, friendly voice over artist with excellent recording facilities.

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Vid Ed

Propelling education into the future. One video at a time.

Vid Ed is the video production company for future-focused online educators. You give us your course material, and our well-oiled machine produces high-quality, engaging videos. It’s as simple as that.

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What can a Sales Parter or a Service Provider Partner do for you?

Basic Sales Partner

Sometimes it makes life easier to have someone to talk to locally, someone to guide you through the initial demo and show you all the ways uQualio® can support your business. 

Video Production Partner

They will assist you in creating bite-sized eLearning videos, such as manuscripts, filming, screencasting, animations, editing, and so forth.

Music Provider Partner

The right music can significantly increase the impact of your videos. Alas, the wrong soundtrack can have the opposite effect. Need help finding the suitable soundtrack, check out our Music Provider Partners for critical guidance. 

Implementation & Sales Partner

They can help with the set up of your solution, integration with your HR or CRM system, or assistance determining and setting up the most beneficial solution for your business.

Video Content Partner

Contact them if, beyond personalized video eLearning courses, you want to create more generic courses such as sales, conflict management, cybersecurity, and so forth. 

Business Adviser Partner

Get assistance from an experienced advisor that can guide you through the process of integrating video eLearning to support your business or help you on how to create great videos for your video eLearning courses. 

Account Service & Sales Partner

They can help with the daily work associated with your solution such as administration of the participants, setting up the courses, analyzing the data, and so forth. 

Voice Provider Partner

Ever wonder what it could mean for your videos to use a professional voice actor? Check out our Voice Provider Partners and let the experience guide you.

Technology & Software Vendor Partner

When making your own video eLearning courses you may be interested in using cameras, microphones, and animation, webinar or video editing software. 

Check out our Technology & Software Vendor Partners for that.  

- All Partners listed on our website are independent legal entities.  

- The relationship between a Sales Partner and uQualio® will always be that the Sales Partner is an independent referrer who can make a commission when referring customers to sign up with an account on the uQualio® platform. All Sales Partners have been certified in the use of the uQualio® platform. The level of certification matches the services they offer.  

- If you and a Partner, Sales or Service Provider, enters into an agreement about the provision of the Partners services, it's up to you and the Partner to determine the costs and terms of your agreement. uQualio® does not under any circumstances take responsibility for the outcome of their services. uQualio® does not get involved in any current or future disputes between you and any Partner. 

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