create online microlearning courses
to boost your business

The uQualio® video eLearning platform in an innovative way 
makes it playfully easy to turn new and existing videos into eLearning. 

uQualio®  IS VIDEO eLEARNING Made simple!

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We offer 2 solutions

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Users register on the uQualio platform and can learn from yours and other channels 

  • Make social eLearning

  • Publish courses on a public directory. 

  • Have branded public and private channels. 

  • Publish private and public course groups.

  • Users own their own accounts. 


*Pricing from $54 per month.

Your own branded solution, that works like a stand-alone web-based app 

  • Completely branded and configurable based on your needs. 

  • Your own private or public directory. 

  • Have public and private channels. 

  • Publish private and public course groups. 

  • Can be integrated with other systems. 

  • You own the user accounts. 

*Pricing from $699 per month. 


The more detailed information 

Want to try a free 14-day trial?


You can get a free 14-day admin trial of our social solution.

Before you get the trial you have to take a short video eLearning course that explains how the platform works, and at the same time, you try being a user.

NB! No credit card needed

With the trial, you make your own channel, create and publish a video eLearning course, and invite up to 10 people to your course.


inspiration examples 

We have made an inspiration channel with different eLearning courses to show you how you can make video eLearning on the uQualio® platform. Press to visit...


New to making videos? Need some ideas on where to start? Our free eLearning courses will show you how to make videos out of the content you already have!

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“uQualio® is a great modern way of doing “5-minute training” with a very simple way of organizing, communicating and administrating it”.  


    Martin Sattrup, Chairman of DigiRehab A/S 


Learning for the modern learner 

Online Training focused on microlearning courses based on bite-sized training videos, makes it easier for your learners to digest. 

Use your own videos

It is easier than ever to create training videos, and therefore, easier than ever to make video training. 

Train everywhere on all devices 

M-Learning is the new way of learning. Mobile learning online removes physical barriers, making all your learning easily accessible.

Features that support learning

eLearning can use gamification, tests, and communication features to support your audience's learning process. Including social learning possibilities

High Impact – Low-Cost Training

Online Training provides high impact visual training at a very low-cost incl. potential marketing/branding of your company through diplomas on SoME.

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uQualio® short version: The Best video eLearning Platform

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