All-In-One eLearning Software 

With uQualio, you can create a library of modern, customizable and digitized eLearning courses to educate and train your employees, sales partners and potential customers. uQualio solves a wide range of business and industry needs to enable you to create and scale the content you require to educate others.

Intuitive and easy to use platform

Create eLearning courses quickly and easily from anywhere, anytime.


With real-time tracking and analysis, you can easily measure user performance on custom dashboards.


Communicate with your users with instant and efficient messaging on the platform.


uQualio is your all-in-one eLearning system, customized by you for your business' needs.

Easily create content for your users to enhance their learning journey

Create eLearning courses based on an easy to use course template with bite-sized videos for customers, employees, partners and others.

Upload or create new videos. You can easily add new, edit and update your videos inside uQualio to tailor your course content.

Create quizzes with each video and after each course to measure comprehension.

Generate reports to know who has taken your courses & completed quizzes. Measure the performance of training and users through custom dashboards.

Why uQualio & eLearning

Why users trust uQualio

"We were very impressed with how well considered the product design is, the quality of the support available online, as well as the speed with which you put together a credible "dummy" version of a Channel based on our own content. Lots of very agile thinking going on in your company!"


—  Kate Barton, Marketing Administrator at Viridian Nutrition

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