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Get your own easy-to-use, all-in-one white-label video LMS software platform for all types of online video training - also microlearning


eLearning, microlearning, training, education ... whatever ... it’s about sharing knowledge!

Scale your video campaign or training to match your company's needs. You’re in charge! It doesn’t matter whether it’s for end customers, employees, sales partners, or executives that need the knowledge. What matters is that we provide a next-generation responsive SaaS Cloud platform where courses can be shared through one or multiple personalized channels. You can shape the platform without a single line of code, to fit your exact needs.

  • Train users online 24/7 on any device
  • In-platform communication & analytics
  • Gamified video microlearning makes it easy & fun for learners to use and remember.
  • Browser-based - No app store downloads
  • 13 user languages (more can be added)
Ready to create your own training courses?  uQualio is your all-in-one video eLearning authoring LMS system, customized by you for your business needs.

Create Video eLearning Content Easy

Course builder template

Course Builder Template

Create bite-sized eLearning courses based on an easy-to-use course template for customers, employees, partners, and others.

Create video


Upload or create new videos. You can easily add new, screen record, bite-size, and update your videos inside uQualio to tailor your course content.

make quizzes


Create quizzes after each video and make a final test at the end of each course to make it easy for users to remember and measure comprehension.

analytics reports data


Generate reports to know who has taken your courses & completed quizzes. Measure the performance of training and users through custom dashboards.


LMS software that delivers results fast! 

With our system, you can build your eLearning course in a matter of a very few minutes:  The software automates everything from the learning process to generating reports. uQualio delivers online training that’s available 24/7 on any device. Boost performance by training & engaging your users in many areas!



Ensure new employees has the right information from the start so they can start being successful immediately.

Partner training

Partner Training

Ensure your partners are pros at selling your products and services.

Product training

Product Training

Provide up-to-date product training to employees, sales, sales partners, and customers.

Compliance training

Compliance Training

Make mandatory courses easy to understand and easy to digest by allowing users to go at their own pace.

Sales training

Sales Training

Help sales reps refine and improve their skills in a comfortable environment to increase revenue.

Business and operations training

Business & Operations Training

Train and onboard a large number of new hires at the time. Easily update courses as needed.

customer service training

Customer Service Training

Ensure your customer service reps are trained to give customers a seamless experience.



Award employees with certificates once a course has been completed to confirm their qualification and skill level.

Ease of use


Ease of Use

Increase user engagement


More User Engagement

High Learner Retention Rate


Learner Retention Rate


Let's make amazing eLearning together!

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