White Label Solution

Your own branded solution, that works as your own web-based app. Can be integrated with API.


Available from the Business subscription level - see pricing details below. 

Book a meeting to see a white label solution and find out how it maps to your needs. 

White label solution pricing


White label Solution Description

A white label solution work as your own browser-based app - available on all devices - easy for you and your users because there is no need to download or update from any app store.

On a white label solution, you set the video eLearning platform to match your brand incl. own logo, main colors, links to your own terms and conditions, etc. and you get your own directory overview showing your channels and courses.


With the white label solution, you can have public and private channels, and have courses published as public, protected, or private. 


Public channels are visible via a direct link [accountname].uqualio.com and can, if public, be found via search engines. 


With the uQualio® White Label, you create user accounts and invite users who should access your channels and courses. 

You own the user accounts and you can update and delete them. The users only access your channels and your courses. You can send emails and SMS to the users from the uQualio® platform.

The user may sign up by themselves, but they accept your terms and conditions – not uQualio®’s.

Users can choose to have their profile private or protected.

If you delete your account or delete users, the users no longer have the badges earned from your courses. They can download their badges as PDF files before the account is closed.

Social functions: Group members can see each other’s activities on the courses – users without a public profile appear anonymous. Users can share their badges on social media. Users can follow each other.


Pricing details

3 monthly payment plan is available and gives a 10% discount on the subscription fee.

It is possible to upgrade the subscription level immediately and downgrade after the end of the current subscription period. Invoicing of the subscription fee is made in advance of each subscription period. ​

​VAT not included. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Support is included.

Usage is based on our fair use policy.

The prices shown are for Europe and the US. Special prices may be applied for other regions.
If you choose to use SMS, each subscription level requires a "minimum account balance for SMS usage":  Business $171, Performance $227, Enterprise $284. 

You will initially be invoiced twice the minimum account balance for SMS usage and when your SMS account is below the threshold of the minimum account balance, a corresponding amount as the minimum account balance will be billed automatically. Cost per SMS: Business $0.075, Performance $0.074, Enterprise $0.073. 

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