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Video eLearning  your Way!

An all-in-one platform with multiple solutions

Regardless of your business or industry, uQualio fits your needs. As a fully customizable platform, you decide the content that you need to create to educate both internal and external parties.

uQualio enables you to create your own courses, easily upload and edit your videos, manage your course structure, and communicate with users through our in-built communication system. uQualio also offers reporting dashboards so you can easily follow the progress of your course participants.

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Customer Support

With uQualio you can easily train your customer success teams. From customer service procedures to product software training, create your own customized courses to streamline processes within your organization.

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Operations Management

uQualio integrates seamlessly for those running a business that evolves constantly, with a lot of new employees who need to absorb new information quickly and get up to speed instantly.

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HR Management

Responsible for skills development, employee engagement, pre-onboarding, and off-boarding in your organization? The uQualio platform enables you to communicate effortlessly.

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Business Management

Do you manage a fast-paced and operational business? Are you dependent on employees' and partner's ability to process complex information? With uQualio you can create micro-sized learning courses to facilitate information retention.

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Marketing Training

uQualio makes marketing training simple. The platform enables you to keep your marketing team up to date with the latest tools, trends, and strategies. Create the content and courses that best fit your marketing team.

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Sales Training

Using uQualio as your sales training platform makes it simple for you to provide the training that makes sales teams great. Automate your training processes for seamless communication. Create your own personalized content that works for your team and organization.

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Product Training

Provide product training both internally and externally. uQualio empowers companies to easily train users within their product through micro-sized learning courses, using video and course quizzes. 

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