NGO'S And Start-Ups

Are you a Non-profit NGO?
20% Discount*
or free on our CSR solution
  •  You can use the platform to train your employees and/or large groups of volunteers.  

  • You can also educate the general public, politicians, your benefactors, and the people whose interests you represent. 

  • Or you can create awareness and educate people about a problem in the world! 

  • (NB! No upload of videos - videos should be played from own YouTube or Vimeo account)  

Are you a
First year provides a 50% Discount*
  • You need to get your product out to the right people – fast, effective, and with maximum impact. 

  • This includes a need to train your employees, customers, partners. It's up to you – but uQualio helps you. 

* SMS consumption is full price. Based on Fair use.

​** To qualify for a free start-up subscription for one year, you must fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Your company is privately held 

  • Your business has existed no more than 2 years 

  • You have a public website 

  • Provide proof of company registration  

Sound Good? 

Please keep the following in mind when applying: 

  1. We reserve the right to cancel your free subscription. 

  2. SMS usage is not included as part of the free subscription. 

In order to qualify please provide your company name, tax-id, address, website and proof of company registration.