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50% Discount*
Are you a Non-profit NGO?
  •  You can use the platform to train your employees and/or large groups of volunteers.  

  • You can also educate the general public, the politicians, your benefactors, and the people whose interests you represent. 

  • Or you can create awareness and educate people about a problem in the world!   

Are you an University or College?
40% discount on subscriptions*
  • You might want to film your lectures and make it available to your students afterward.

  • They can watch the videos and check whether they understood the material.

  • You can make tests available ongoing during the semester, so both you and the students can see, whether they are on track.

  • The students can hand in assignments and provide feedback using the platform. 

  • You might also want to provide online courses for students who are not able to attend classes at your school.

Are you a
1st year free on standard subscription**
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50% Discount*
  • You need to get your product out to the right people – fast, effective, and with maximum impact. 

  • This includes a need to train your employees, customers, partners. It's up to you – but uQualio® helps you. 

* SMS consumption is full price

​** To qualify for a free start-up subscription for one year, you must fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Your company is privately held 

  • Your business has existed no more than 2 years 

  • You have a public website 

  • Provide proof of company registration  

Sounds good? 

Please keep the following in mind when applying: 

  1. We reserve the right to cancel your free subscription. 

  2. SMS usage is not included as part of the free subscription. 

To qualify, we will after the demo need your company name, tax-id, address, website and proof of company registration.

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