• Do they see themselves as brand ambassadors?
  • Are they eager to promote their software skills to others? 
  • Are your own sales force and your channel partners giving your products the attention you need?
  • Are those stakeholders able to explain the value proposition of your software to your customers? 

Do you have motivated, skilled and loyal users of your software?

video eLearning is the way to go for software vendors!

User training: Use uQualio® video eLearning to train your customers how to use your software the right way, increase their satisfaction and loyalty. This will consequently decrease the need for troubleshooting and support related costs. Especially important for SaaS vendors.

New product releases: Use uQualio® to distribute new software versions, use screen casting to make videos for eLearning, and instantly distribute courses to partners, employees, customers and users seamlessly. 

Automate customer training: Use uQualio® video eLearning to automate training in applications: User training of customers’ new employees, and user training for new feature sets. 

Complexity turned simple: Use uQualio® video eLearning to create easily digestible videos about how specific software or applications work - get the whole picture across in real time - and ease the burden on end users of complex software or programs. 

Customer support & FAQ: uQualio® video eLearning is an innovative and efficient way to train customer support, technical support, and product specialists to answer questions and resolve issues swiftly. Video eLearning is effective, inexpensive, and information is accessible on demand whenever and wherever it is needed. 

Ability to handle changes fast: Use uQualio® video eLearning to quickly send updates about changes within new procedures, standards, compliance, latest version updates and protocol changes. 

eLearning is perfect for your application: uQualio® video eLearning is a natural way to learn about new software, applications, procedures, and more. Use our API to easily integrate your software platform with uQualio®. 

Onboarding of new employees and users: Software and IT systems can sometimes be difficult to understand and fully grasp for both new users and new employees alike. uQualio® video eLearning is a practical way of getting new employees and end users up to speed on any software or IT platform. 

Onboarding of partners: uQualio® video eLearning is perfect for onboarding. The courses are fast to make available, effective and ideal for training IT skills. 


Product knowledge training for sales and marketing teams: Use uQualio® video eLearning to enhance product knowledge and provide sales training. Boost sales with a better prepared sales team. 

Product knowledge training and sales training for extended enterprise: Use uQualio® video eLearning to maintain and optimize channel partners and external enterprise channel partners - resellers, distributors, and support partners - all critical relationships. Easily create and share eLearning videos to enhance product knowledge and sales training, boost sales and after-sales support from channel partners - as a well-trained channel partner network can make a big difference in sales and after-sales product support for Software companies. 

Self-paced learning: Use uQualio® video eLearning with additional in-depth material to support understanding of complex topics. Employ self-paced training with gaming and competition to maintain motivation, enhance discovery, engagement and understanding of complex material. 

Small bites are better than huge chunks: People simply don’t have much time in this modern age, moreover, learning in small bites is much more easily digested. Because uQualio® course structure supports micro learning (smaller bites of learning), staff can access training on demand and make significant progress in smaller intervals of time. 

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