Product training is crucial for manufacturers, software vendors, pharmaceutical companies, the medical device industry, and many others.


However, providing training to significant influencers that are outside of your own organizational control has never been easy – until now!

Product Training

product training video elearning makes the difference

why video eLearning

can effectively train your entire product distribution channel!

Sellers and resellers

Use uQualio video eLearning to provide fast, easy, and efficient training for large or small groups, to instill comprehensive knowledge of current processes, product lines, service, and other applications instantly across the globe.

Universal access and application

Use uQualio video eLearning to design and distribute product training for sales, support, or technical staff, as well as channel partners. uQualio gives you complete control of all aspects of your training programs. 

Small bites are better than huge chunks

Learning in small bites is much easier to digest, and the uQualio course structure supports microlearning (smaller bites of learning).

Complete range of products

Use uQualio video eLearning to train sales team members and channel partners efficiently on the complete range of your products. Efficient training programs increase both the competencies and mindshare of your products for local vendors and distributors, enabling them to improve your competitive position and market your products effectively, thereby increasing sales.

Changes can be quickly distributed geographically

Vendors, distributors, and channel partners may be located around the globe. As products undergo frequent changes as well as feature and usage updates, channel partners need immediate and efficient training that will allow them to effectively promote your latest products. 

Large inventories of products

uQualio video eLearning is uniquely suited to help organizations that have large inventories of diverse products. Video eLearning is an efficient, cost-effective way to train sales teams and channel partners on the benefits and features of all the products that make up your inventory.

No Language barriers

With distributors and customers located across the globe, language plays a huge role in the modern business world. The uQualio video eLearning platform is designed to support multi-language applications, thus addressing local training needs.

Delivering product training on mobile devices

uQualio works seamlessly on all devices - mobile, tablet, or PC, allowing sales, support, or technical staff, as well as channel partners, to access relevant material during a product demonstration or installation, plus, wherever and whenever the need or opportunity may arise.

Distribution channel awareness

Use uQualio for your video eLearning courses to train your resellers and distributors in creating channel awareness to further support marketing your products.

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