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The free admin trial of our video eLearning platform is available for 14 days.

3 monthly payment plan is available and gives a 10% discount on the subscription fee.

It is possible to upgrade the subscription level immediately and downgrade after end of the current subscription period, making it possible to run larger campaigns for a short time period, and downgrade to normal usage level afterward. Invoicing of the subscription fee is made in advance of each subscription period. ​

​VAT not included. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Support is included.

Prices shown are for Europe and the US. Special prices may be applied to other regions.
If you choose to use SMS, each subscription level requires a "minimum account balance for SMS usage":  Starter €10, Starter+ €25, Basic €50, Professional €100, Business €150, Performance €200, Enterprise One €250. 
You will initially be invoiced twice the minimum account balance for SMS usage and when your SMS account is below the threshold of the minimum account balance, a corresponding amount as the minimum account balance will be billed automatically. Cost per SMS: Starter €0,069, Basic €0,068, Professional €0,067, Business €0,066, Performance €0,065, Enterprise One €0,064. 

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