• uQualio® Team

Vid Ed – Makers of custom educational videos

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

We launched the uQualio® new Partner program, and we are already seeing a lot of interesting companies and great partners!

We just partnered up with Vid Ed - makers of custom educational videos, here you can read our interview with Partner/Operations Manager Cameron Hoehne.

Can you give a brief introduction to yourself and your business? Vid Ed exists as the solution to the problem that we saw in the distance learning industry. We saw that some education providers weren’t able to produce their own video, or had trouble producing a quality video that really engaged their audience. Since that is our specialty, we decided to shift our focus to help education providers step into the future of education. Please explain what services you offer to your customers? We work with our clients to produce custom videos based on their specific needs. Typically, a custom video or series of videos will be filmed in our studio, with professional editing services and motion graphics. We have a group of expert actors that we utilize to present the material in the videos, whether it’s on camera or through voiceover. Depending on the option that our client chooses, the finished product could range from a PowerPoint with a professional voiceover, to a series of videos filmed on location.

Do you have any special areas you focus on? One of our main specialties is producing custom educational videos for our clients. This means that we’re working directly with the client to bring their vision to life, instead of simply having them choose from a selection of cookie-cutter videos. Another specialty is our focus on producing high-caliber videos that consistently engage the client’s students, instead of a video that is designed simply so a student can check off a box. Who are your ideal customers? Our ideal customers are the ones who want to offer their students something more than just an average video that students are required to watch. Our customers want to offer their students engaging video that empowers them to learn at a deeper level and make a difference in their industry. Why should they buy from you instead of the competition? Being future-focused means that we’re always thinking about how the future of education will affect the present, in order to bring our clients to the front of the industry. Educators that choose Vid Ed are able to feature high-quality video education, engage their students, and keep them coming back for their educational needs.

What do you like about being part of our partner program and what do you hope to accomplish? We’re excited about the opportunity to make our skills available to even more people, by utilizing uQualio®'s wide reach and incredible platform. It’s been a pleasure to work with their helpful and expert staff, and we can’t wait to see where the partnership takes us. How will you use the uQualio® video eLearning platform yourselves? We will be taking advantage of uQualio®’s passion for sharing knowledge by utilizing their training courses to learn more about our industry and how we can make a better impact on it. And the last question – How do you make a difference in and to the world? The main reason we exist as a company is to provide a higher standard of education. We believe that it’s possible to change the future with today’s video education, and by doing that we can empower the students of today to create a better world for the students of tomorrow.

See examples of VidEd’s spectacular video work here: