Why Aren’t There More Women in Tech? 

by Hatla Johnsen September 27th, 2021

"DigiPippi's purpose is to create interest in and disseminate knowledge about, technology, IT, and digital opportunities to girls aged 7 to 13 years. Dissemination is done using voluntary female role models. At physical events and online."

As uQualio is co-founded by a woman we know that it is true that there are only a few women in Tech and especially successful female tech founders. uQualio naturally, supports DigiPippis super purpose and has therefore given a small donation to their great work as sponsors to prizes to the next Girls Gamer event.

Know a girl between 10-15 that should participate in the Gamer event Saturday the 2nd October 2021 in Copenhagen?

Read more here: https://digipippi.dk/gamerfest-2021/ (in Danish)

Girls Gamer party 2021
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