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uQualio Product News, May 2021

Updated: 3 days ago

At uQualio, we are always happy to share the latest learning platform updates with you 🚀

The presentation highlights of this month include:

  • New video streaming platform incl. player

  • Reuse images for courses and channels

  • Stand Alone course page

  • Admin user interface update

  • API updates

  • Other features – more great ideas

At uQualio, we are laser-focused on supporting your business and have integrated our users' feedback, requests, and questions into our development pipeline. Using your input, we release updates, including new features, improvements, and error corrections 1 to 3 times weekly. You can follow our releases on our website. Also, please see our development roadmap - a crystal ball where the future of uQualio is revealed.

New video streaming platform incl. player

We have upgraded our video streaming platform to a new supplier. This improves the user experience and prepares us for future improvements and new learning features.

The new platform offers better streaming to match the device and current bandwidth as content is streamed adaptive to the user. The upload and conversion processes are more robust.

The upload process is not changed. While the video is being processed it is visually displayed on the topic.

If you preview the content before all videos are processed the system shows the video like this.

The player design is changed a little compared to the previous player.

The new streaming platform offers a variety of features, which we can add to support your content and use cases better.

Migration of content is made in case you replace existing videos with new or reupload the same videos.

We plan to migrate over the next period to have all active content converted and running on the new platform to the benefit of your users.

Reuse images for courses and channels (“voted feature ✔”)

We have improved and simplified the image upload and handling. Every time you upload an image it is added to the media library. Then you can reuse the image in your content or on your channel without having to upload it multiple times.

Each time the image is reused you adapt it to the specific format.

Then you select the image directly and you can crop it according to the usage.

Click on the image to see the full preview.

You can upload Unsplash images as well. They are listed with the full title to make it easier to recognize the content from Unsplash. Click on the ‘UNSPLASH (FREE IMAGES)’ button to search for suitable royalty-free images.

After the upload, you have the title as shown here.

We will update our media library and make it easier to use. Additional control will be added for higher subscription levels to e.g. lock image used to be only from already uploaded images.

Stand Alone/headless course page (“voted feature ✔”)

In some cases, you want to embed a uQualio into another application or embed it into a webpage. You have the option to get an embed link with an iframe HTML tag.

To make the course page better suited for this purpose we have added a new option to the course page settings. When you publish the group then you may pick the new option ‘Standalone’, which displays the course page headless.

When this option is selected the course page is shown without header content or footer content.

You cannot publish headless course pages on channels of type ‘No channel’.

The feature is available from subscription level ‘Business’.

Admin user interface update

As part of ongoing user feedback, we are changing the admin user interface. Over the next releases, you will see the left menu change to be orientated on your tasks and processes. Settings are moved to a separate area.

The first elements changed are:

  • Some buttons are removed

  • ‘Users’ are added to the main menu to give you direct access to your users

The next steps include moving dashboards, reports, and the media library to the main menu.

Settings will be moved to a settings area where all settings are found for your account.

If you have suggestions, please let us know as we move forward. Your input is much appreciated.