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uQualio® Release Newsletter, February 2021

We are happy to share these platform updates with you 🚀 We have improved these areas since the last release presentation:

  • Invite users directly as Course Assistants

  • Resources: Links, Layout & Tracking

  • Tags and Categories for user navigation (White Label)

  • Other features

Each feature is described in the following sections of the release newsletter. uQualio® is released iterative with new features, improvements, and error corrections. We release our video eLearning platform 1 to 3 times a week to support your business. You can follow our releases on our website. We have our development roadmap available for you so you can follow our plans for the next many releases.

Invite users directly as Course Assistants (“voted feature ✔”)

You can now invite users directly as Course Assistants. This makes it easier to you do the invite and the assignment in one step. Previously, you had to first invite them and then assign them the Course Assistant Role.

The feature is also added to the Tasks where you can add new users:

  • Add New Users to Courses

  • Add New Users to Groups

The assignment is made when you add the users. You can both upload new users from a spreadsheet or add one or two as Course Assistants via email only.

This is part of our work toward making bulk operations easier in uQualio®.

Resources: Links, Layout & Tracking (“voted feature ✔”)

We have added links as new resources. This enables you to point your users to external resources. Links are available all places where you can add resources:

  • Course content

  • Course Topics

  • Channel Page

You can add the link and test it from here. When the user clicks on the link it opens in a new browser tab.

Resources are displayed as with an icon stating the type of resource. They are orders by name. The name is now shown longer on most platforms to help you and your users to find the correct resource.

Resources can be reused. The reuse is made through a two-step task, where you select relevant resources and then add them to your content. The selection is similar to other places in the system like e.g. ‘Reuse Topics’.

We also register if your users view, download, or open a link. The reports will be made available at a later point in time.

Tag Search and Categories for user navigation (White Label solutions)

For White Label solutions we have added new navigation elements to the Directory pages. You now have the option to show Tag Search and Categories as part of the navigation.

The two navigation options are shown if you enable them in your configuration.

Tags Search in Directory

You can enable or disable Tags on the Directory pages. There are two options to set:

  • Place Tag Search either to the left or the right part of the screen.

  • Show Tag Search expanded or collapsed.

Here Tag Search is shown Expanded to the Left.

The user can click on a tag to search for content matching the tag.

Categories – how it works in Directory

We have added Categories as an additional organizational element of your content. The Category band can be added to the Directory.

The Category band is shown below the user navigation. The category items are listed according to the sort order you define and the user’s language.

The user clicks on a category to filter other items away. Click on the same item to clear the filter. A click on anther category items clears the previous selection and applies the filter with the new category.

Category configuration – Master Language configuration

You must define the categories that you require in Configuration. Here you enter the values in your Master Language. If you have configured Available Languages this is shown when you add a configuration item in a new language.

You open the Category Codes to create and maintain the code is all relevant languages.

The first category is created in your Master Language. You enter a short name, long name, and the sort order for the category.

Then you can add category items in the languages. The language selection is limited by your Available Languages configuration.

Here the only remaining language to configure is French.

Content Editor – add categories

When you have defined one or more categories, then you can use them as part of the content and their organizational elements.

The options are shown when you open the Category field. A missing value for the content’s language is shown with ‘***’ before and after the category name in the Master Language.

If you are a corporate manager, then you can click on the category and create the code directly from the Content Editor.

Other features

Here you have a short list of other features introduced in the past month.

  • Channel Page and Course Page have a rich link where the link is embedded into an HTML <A> tag to make inclusion into other applications easier.

  • Channel Page tiles are changed to have tags, followers, and following on one line. Tags are shown collapsed to give a simpler expression.

  • Course shows topic title while the user is watching a video or works with practice questions.

  • API Link Service: the full URL to the request item is now available in addition to the link id only.


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