November 30th, 2020
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David Patterson, director of the eLearning consultancy Learning Light, with more than 20 years working in the eLearning industry, recently noticed that behavioral focused learning apps are on the rise and gaining popularity. uQualio is an eLearning authoring & creation software platform that stood out for him and he found us to be an extremely well-thought-through, powerful video-based eLearning solution.Some of his highlights of our platform were:

  1. Innovative video transformation from a passive experience to proactive learning 
  2. Powerful and effective learning using video sequences with series of expositions and associated questions 
  3. Strong communications features 
  4. Impressive ability to manage courses and versions 
  5. Comprehensive user hierarchies.

Check out his full review: https://www.learninglight.com/uqualio-review/

About Learning Light

Learning Light was founded in 2005. Learning Light is a consultancy company comprised of training and eLearning experts. It is a center of excellence in the use of eLearning and the latest learning techniques and technologies. 

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