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Looking for video eLearning content to train your employees? Perhaps you are searching for the perfect video eLearning producer? Or maybe you need specific support to complete your upcoming eLearning project? Not to worry, we have all the bases covered!

2020 has been a pivotal year for eLearning. People around the world are adapting to the new reality of working and learning remotely, a trend that is clearly here to stay. Indeed, embracing the increasing importance of eLearning and adding it to your toolbox is one way to proactively address the huge paradigm shift we are all living through.

A video eLearning platform can bring countless advantages to all the learning, training and upskilling projects your business needs, as we recently discussed in detail.

As in all creative endeavours, there will be times when you need help to create, produce, edit, add animation, narration, or other aspects of your video eLearning projects. To this end, we have updated our Top 12 list from last year, and included everything from microlearning video producers to actual video eLearning content resellers to help you create the perfect video eLearning solution for your organization.

Our updated list includes some familiar faces as well as a lot of new companies, all of whom are dedicated to helping you to produce the best possible product.

Let get started with our 2020 update!

Video eLearning Producers

Vid Ed

Best known for: Professional Video Production

First on our list is Vid Ed, an Oregon-based educational video producer. They specialize in producing high quality learning videos for their customers from scratch.

Whatever vision you may have for your educational video, Vid Ed can help bring it to life with stunning results. They take responsibility for every aspect involving the production of your educational video, since many education & training providers have the right ideas and educational material but lack the specific ability needed to produce quality videos that truly engage their audience.

Vid Ed begins with its own state-of-the-art studio, a professional editing and motion graphics team, together with expert actors, they can do anything from voiceovers to filming a series of videos in various locations. If you are considering creating custom educational or training videos for your learners and employees, Vid Ed, with its wealth of expertise in the industry, should be at the very top of your list.

Check out our interview with Cameron Hoehne, Operations Manager at Vid Ed for a more in-depth view of Vid Ed.

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Flow Connect 4

Best known for: Personal Video eLearning Production

Flow Connect 4 is a video eLearning provider that understands the importance of having a personalized touch when creating eLearning videos, since each company will have different learning objectives and the learning material available for each project will ultimately be unique.

Their main selling point is that they have the know-how, experience and passion to help you create online video eLearning courses from “A-Z”, in other words, they support you at every step of the creative process. From conceptualizing the main idea, planning the overall video, including creating the necessary script and storyboard, and finally producing the eLearning video together - complete with voice-over in case the learning material requires it.

Their philosophy is to create a unique, tailor-made eLearning video for your business and more importantly, for your learning audience.

Moreover, this deep personalization allows your eLearning videos to build an emotional connection with your customers through storytelling, helping you to effectively reach your intended audience. Based in Denmark, they can work and produce videos in Danish, English and Polish.

Whether you are looking to create video eLearning courses for a large or small group in your organization, contact Flow Connect 4 if your goal is to create authentic and personalized video eLearning courses for your learners.

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A professional eLearning video producer can take your videos to the next level

Designing Digitally Best known for: Professional eLearning Production

Designing Digitally is an Ohio-based award-winning eLearning company that truly offers a wide spectrum of custom-made learning solutions.

How does Designing Digitally guarantee that every eLearning project they produce is the best fit for your organization? They start of by implementing a process called Training Need Analysis, which is an in-depth assessment of your organizations’ pain points and knowledge gaps. Once these pain points and gaps are identified, Designing Digitally works closely with your creative team at every step of the way to ensure that the final product is in line with your own learning objectives and provides the best ROI possible.

In other words, Designing Digitally creates unique eLearning projects for every company they work with because they truly take the time to know your team, your organization and then build the best solution according to your specific needs. They can produce custom eLearning videos, as well as develop interactive simulations, serious games, microlearning and even VR video, thereby leveraging each medium’s strength to support your learning objectives.

If your business needs a stand-alone video, an entire production set or a combination of anything in between such as games and simulations supporting your eLearning videos, Designing Digitally is more than capable of delivering at the highest level of production using cutting edge technology. Contact Designing Digitally


Best known for: Animation Videos

While having access to real-life actors, a studio, and high-quality filming equipment is certainty a privilege of a select few, there are concepts and ideas that even the most skilled film crew has trouble pulling off. Some concepts might be too abstract, complicated, or simply out of the reach of traditional filming methods. How then, do you make such creative video ideas come to life?

This is where our Berlin-based partner Kaiserbrand comes in. Kaiserbrand is one of the industry’s leading specialists in animation and motion design for social media, app videos, explainer videos and of courses, eLearning videos.

Animated videos open a universe of possibilities, ideas, and concepts for your videos, you’re only limited by your own or your team’s imagination. Whether you are a large corporation, a small business or start-up, Kaiserbrand prides itself on finding the ideal solution for nearly every budget.

If you or your team ever find yourselves with plenty of creatives ideas for your next eLearning project but are unsure on how to execute it, Kaiserbrand, with their years of experience and well-known attention to detail will surely make all your ideas burst into life in the only way animation and motion design can.

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Microlearning video producers

Obsidian Learning Best known for: Professional Microlearning Production

Microlearning, which consists mostly of short, bite-sized video learning content is increasingly becoming the standard in eLearning. Numerous studies have shown that learner's benefit, i.e., demonstrate increased retention of the focus material, when using short learning sessions that they can revisit. Luckily, Obsidian Learning, based in Houston, Texas, understands this concept extremely well - they have been developing and producing quality microlearning content for years. You can check some examples of their work here.

Obsidian Learning is one of the industry leaders when it comes to creating powerful, yet short video learning courses that include state-of-the-art tools such as gamified learning apps, virtual and blended learning, and more.

The Obsidian team includes instructional designers, learning strategists, professional copywriters, software developers and graphic designers all working towards the goal of creating content that can engage learners through fun and modern learning methods. Making them a great one stop shop for all your eLearning needs.

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Microlearning videos are perfect to train on any device, anywhere, in just a few minutes

eWyse Best known for: Remote eLearning & Microlearning Production

Remote working became the new norm in 2020. While many other companies are rapidly adjusting to the new trend, there is on eLearning company that has made remote development of eLearning their business model since 2009.

Zagreb-based eWyse is an eLearning development company with well over a decade of experience in developing custom, remote eLearning solutions. Their diverse portfolio includes a wide arrange of eLearning material, from animated eLearning videos, mobile learning, mobile responsive eLearning, gamified eLearning scenarios and of course, Bite-sized MicroeLearning courses.

At eWyze, transparency during their processes is one of their main priorities. With any project you undertake with eWyse, you will get a proposal upfront with all the numbers: Work hours, full prices together with all personnel and key stakeholders involved before the project begins. This means you will always know the exact cost of your project; no hidden or other fees will ever be added without your consent.

If you are new to the world of eLearning projects and Microlearning videos, eWyse and their friendly, transparent staff and processes are an ideal way to get started on the right foot.

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Tesseract Learning Best known for: eLearning Solutions Provider

Tesseract Learning is an eLearning company that can do it all. They can produce a wide arrange of eLearning solutions such as eLearning videos, M-Learning, microlearning and microlearning videos, adaptive learning, gamification and game-based learning, augmented reality & virtual reality and learning portals. Whatever type of eLearning solution you might need, there is a very high chance Tesseract Learning can produce it for you to the highest of industry standards.

The Tesseract Learning team comprises of seasoned learning architects, instructional designers and visual architects who study every single customer requirement in detail, effectively communicate with them and constantly come up with approaches to exactly meet their client needs.

Their wide arrange of state-of-the-art eLearning production capabilities is just one of the reasons why you should consider them for your next MicroeLearning production, or any eLearning production you have in mind.

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Video eLearning Providers


Best known for: Huge “out of the box” Video eLearning Library

LearningPlanet is a video eLearning content provider with a massive library of material tailored specifically for business needs.

There are instances where time is crucial, where you or your business simply does not have the time to produce eLearning videos or wait for eLearning videos to be produced for you. Imagine needing to provide basic sales training to an entire department in short order. Enter LearningPlanet, with their expertise and broad resources, they have the solutions.

LearningPlanet is an eLearning company based in Auckland, New Zealand. With more than 25 years in the industry, they are one of the tried and true leaders in offering corporate and business training courses.

They own a growing library of microlearning video modules in several key business areas such as sales, leadership, customer service, customer relationship and stress management, all at very competitive price points. This library of video training courses coupled with their pricing makes LearningPlanet a very compelling choice for both small and big businesses looking to explore and implement eLearning.

At uQualio® have had the pleasure of working together with LearningPlanet and absolutely recommend them to businesses that need off the shelf eLearning videos to support your organization’s training efforts.

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Best known for: eLearning Partnerships & readily available eLearning courses

Another great eLearning company from “Down Under” is Go1. Indeed, their story is one of resounding success.

They started their journey as a small tech start-up in a garage in suburban Australia back in 2015. Today, they are one of leaders of the industry with strong investor support of tech giants such as Microsoft and Salesforce.

Like their New Zealand neighbours mentioned above, they are an eLearning company that specializes in having a library of readily available, curated eLearning video courses from the best content providers in the world, including Skillsoft, Mind Tools and Intellezy just to name a few. You can find the full list of their partner content here.

The best part is that Go1 can adapt their courses to whatever your specific needs may be. If you are new to eLearning, they offer an intuitive SCORM-compatible solution to get you started on the right track. Their courses are also compatible with a wide variety of LMS systems, so whatever LMS system you currently have chances are it will be fully compatible with Go1’s current eLearning courses.

With an impressive array of video eLearning partners and consequently thousands upon thousands of video eLearning courses readily available off the shelf, Go1 is one of the most complete video eLearning providers currently in the market.

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Don't have time to produce eLearning yourself? These providers are here to support you

imc AG

Best known for: Video eLearning Production & off-the-shelf eLearning courses

Last but certainly not least, we have our German-based partners imc AG. They pride themselves on being a one-stop-solution for all your eLearning and training needs. Few companies can offer such a diverse and premium range of eLearning content as the they do.

Their impressive portfolio of capabilities includes producing captivating eLearning content such as web-based comic book-style training, learning cards, chatbot, infographics or web-based story telling. They also excel at creating “gamified” learning content, such as high-quality adventure-style, 3D and serious games, as well as producing tailor-made eLearning videos.

Whatever eLearning project you have in mind, imc AG can make it a reality within the highest of standards. Additionally, they have an extensive, off-the-shelf eLearning library consisting of over 2,000 hours of exciting, engaging, and high-quality eLearning content.

Whether you are looking for someone to help you produce eLearning videos or a huge library of eLearning content out of the box, imc AG will surely have you covered.

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