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Release notes 5.0.844

  • YouTube made some smaller changes on their embedding. We have adapted our interface to match this better. Now you will be told if the video is available, but not authorized to embed on uQualio.

  • 'Additional files' element renamed to 'Resources' on Course Page and Channel Page. We will add links as available items in addition to uploaded files.

  • Content Preview: Button REFRESH PREVIEW is added to make it easier for you to see changes to your content without having to close and reopen the preview or press F5 to refresh the page.

  • Add users to a course is made faster. We made a check twice, which took 2-10 seconds depending on the number of added users. You waited 4-20 seconds instead of about half the time as now.

  • Course Tree performance is improved. The data is retrieved faster and will give a faster experience as long as not too many elements are displayed.

  • When you copy a link the system now display a note at the bottom on the screen

  • On the course page you can get a link to embed the page. The html code for an iframe embed tag is copied to the clipboard and can be used in other applications.

  • Admin was able to change roles and access for herself. This is now prevented. As admin you cannot remove your own roles or delete yourself.

  • API (White Label solutions)

  • Parameter validation is made more strict

  • GetToken now returns the duration of the token as part of the return value (currently 60 seconds, cannot be configured)

  • New Ping method implemented in Token to test connectivity and API key

  • Minor fixes and improvements

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