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Release notes 5.0.789

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

  • Create multiple groups automatically. A new multi create feature is created for a course.  You can create multiple groups in one go - either by entering the group names or uploading a user file with group names. When you upload from a file, then users are also assigned to the groups you create. This saves a good deal of work, when you import users from e.g. your CRM or HR system.

  • Content Editor: Reuse content - topics are now shown with the thumbnails to make visual selection easy.

  • Content Editor: There is a new button to copy a topic directly within the current content. This is very useful when you create a course based on a webinar with the scene selector.

  • Course tree has been updated in layout and consistency. The menus are simplified and texts etc. are made uniform.

  • Course tree - private groups: The number of users is shown on the button in (), e.g. "USERS (42)"

  • Course user list - we have added an invite option to send to both new and pending users in one go. You don't have to remind people from reports when they are still pending.Lists - you can now delete existing user lists and course lists. 

  • Tablet cover images are removed from the system. The aspect ratio is the same as desktop cover so no need to have a separate format for this device.

  • Anonymous users are now registered again. Due to some cookie issues we have not recorded anonymous usage since August 2020. We have made a new way to generate an almost unique id for anonymous users. 

  • Minor fixes and improvements


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