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Release notes 5.0.773

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

  • Lists are divided into two separate lists. This is more user friendly and makes list maintenance simpler.

  • User lists and course lists are added to tasks for adding users to courses, courses to users and new users to courses. Use this to create e.g. user group called 'new employees 2020 Q3' and assign one or more courses to the group in one go. Or use a course list called 'onboarding courses' which you can use every time a new employee is hired.

  • Publish Content version (locked content) has a feature to notify admin users about the new content version. This way you can tell other admins on your account that a new content version is published. The notifications are optional and can be deselected when you publish the new content version.

  • Reuse content is changed in the Content Editor so you can select more topics in one go instead of having them added one by one. As an example you can add all courses with 'security' in the topic title in one go when you reuse topics in another course.

  • New subscription type 'Free Subscription' is added. The subscription is a limited version without expiry. You can publish public and protected courses. It is not possible to invite to neither channels nor courses on this subscription level. More information about moving from and to a free subscription will be added in a later release.

  • White Label/Embedded: we have updated the button colors a number of places to follow your configuration.

  • Step guides: Some step guides were not in sync with the application. We have updated the relations and update the text where applicable. 

  • Minor fixes and improvements

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