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Release notes 5.0.767

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

  • uQualio® has changed email sending procedure. We have started using our own IP address as sender. The previous IP address was shared with other users on our mail service. Due to this a spam engine, SpamHaus, black listed the IP address. This caused some delays and in some cases also that email never reached their intended recipient. We have also added reverse DNS to improve deliverability for your emails from uQualio®.

  • Test Runner - now you cannot submit a test until all required questions are answered. 

  • Task Steps for admins are now shown in full screen so you  see the flow better and have less visual distractions. 

  • Notification Summary has longer texts extracts from both notification subject and notification message. Each bullet point is separated better to improve readability.

  • Channels - internal name must now be unique within each account. This is to ensure a consistent and non-overlapping identification of your channels.

  • Achievement page - course description is hidden. You can expand/collapse the text on the page.

  • Send messages - a number of minor changes have been made. You need to enter at least two characters before you can send a message. 

  • White Label: Directory navigation has been updated to handle cases where e.g. courses are hidden on a private directory. 

  • White Label: Admins can always access users's profiles no matter how they have defined their visibility.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

uQualio® short version: The Best video eLearning Platform

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