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Release notes 5.0.674

  • As an account manager or channel manager I can now add users to existing groups. Previously you could only create new groups when you added users. This enables you to add users from one group into another existing group in one operation. Course management is made much easier now.

  • All places where you could create a new group the option has been added to either 'create new group' or 'add to existing'.

  • When you add account users to a new or existing group you now select channel first. This makes it easier to publish to correctly.

  • When you add users to a new or existing group you do not have to select a channel, when your account only has one channel.

  • When you add users to a new or existing group you may stay on the user list page instead of automatically going to the group. When you assign more users to more groups this minimizes your navigation back and forth.

  • User information now has four fields for sorting and selecting on Channel Users and Account users. The fields are Organization, Role, OrgCode and Department. You can use this when you sort and add groups.

  • Content Editor: Step guide updated to show new cover images for the three formats (desktop, tablet and mobile)

  • Content Editor and Badge Editor: UI updated to be more responsive

  • Quick Upload now sets content name and description when new content is created during the upload

  • Minor fixes and improvements


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