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Release notes 5.0.646

  • New course directory created.

  • The users have a better view of all available content and channels for them.

  • The new directory contains both courses and channels with drill-down to a new tile view for each type

  • Performance updated for both courses and channels.

  • New user main page is /directory and not /user for normal users when they logon to uQualio®

  • Anonymous users are directed to /directory to have the new course overview as default to the application

  • White label

  • normal users cannot logon unless the account is active. Admin users can logon when the account is active, inactive or when payment is pending.

  • admin email without subject no longer show 'note from uQualio'

  • some configuration options set by default when the white label solution is created. This simplifies the configuration process for the account manager.

  • Buttons are now configurable for the end user user interface to match with a corporate branding scheme. The color can be set according to the importance of the button. 

  • configuration now includes how social sharing elements are made available in the application

  • browser tabs show account or channel names instead of uQualio®

  • Admin users are directed to the last account/channel where worked on when they logon to the application

  • Courses published on channels of type 'no channel' no long show 'MORE FROM ...' button 

  • Show Version and Content Preview now display the version number and created date for easier identification

  • Course manager did not always see his channels and courses in the tree. They are now displayed according to his role and current account/channel.

  • Content manager only see "Create version" and not "Publish" as available option as a content manager cannot publish a course to a channel.

  • Minor fixes and improvements


uQualio® short version: The Best video eLearning Platform

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