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Release notes 36.6.0

  • Question help video sequence is changed so you enter m:ss and duration instead of seconds only. This makes it easier to position the answer without having to convert minutes to seconds.

  • Content Editor - the top elements are now enclosed in a white box as all other elements already are. When the system does an operation that may take longer time a spinner is shown to the user to indicate that the system is working

  • Content Editor: Text default font color and text background are set to black on white

  • Channel Editor: Text default font color and text background are set to black on white

  • White label configuration:   - when only one logo image is configured the system takes it both mobile and browser view   - Available courses are only shown when Directory is configured

  • White label now used account images in non-course and non-channel mails

  • More admin pages have white boxes to improve navigation

  • White label browser icon changed to 4:1 aspect ratio

  • White label configuration: changed sorting for the areas

  • User menu is always shown for authenticated users

  • In some cases you could not log on to the system if you block all third party cookies. We have removed the dependency to these cookies.

  • Drop-down lists are generally updated to sort alphabetically without taking casing into consideration

  • Video type flv is no longer allowed for upload. The format is obsolete and is not support after the end of 2020.

  • Minor fixes and improvements


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