• cbn622

Release note 5.0.981

  • Course tiles now show title, teaser and the first 120 characters of the course description. This gives a smaller dialog when the mouse hovers over a course tile.

  • Practice is updated in topics so the user image and text do not follow any color schemes and misleading mouse pointers are removed.

  • Channels can be sorted according to your decision. In the Channels grid you can update the sort order for the channels on the Directory pages. The sort order is highest to lowest.

  • Course Manager: Drafts tab only shows content in progress. The content shown is either not published at all or has changed after the last publishing.

  • Content Editor: You can now delete multiple badges in one step. You select the badges to delete as one process.

  • With a White Label account you can allow all files types for upload. You must configure the setting in Configuration (System configuration => File types)

  • In some cases users could not add a mobile number to their profile. This is fixed to enable the user to add a mobile phone if desired. The admin user could update mobile numbers for the users even if the user could do it themselves.

  • Minor fixes and improvements