• cbn622

Release note 5.0.975

  • Admin interface simplified. We have removed some elements from the admin interface to make it leaner. This includes Free Trial specific texts and help texts.

  • The 'Dashboard' button is removed from the user interface.

  • When you view the channel on a mobile device as admin the buttons for showing in other formats are not shown.

  • The user sees a spinner when the course page is loading to help understand that the system is working

  • Channel Page logo could show a small 1px wide top and bottom when the logo was in the same color as the cover image.

  • REST API: when the same user is added to a group again, then previous invitations change state to 'Removed'.

  • Subscription: In some cases the Subscription dialog did not display the discount code your account had. The discount code is always displayed if attached to your account.

  • Minor fixes and improvements