• cbn622

Release note 5.0.959

  • Courses on channels are now shown with group name and the course in brackets. This makes it easier to see multiple groups based on the same course, when you are an admin.

  • User can be invited to White Label solution. You can now invite users to signup to your white label solution. This makes them users on your account and they will be able to access public and protected content on public channels. When you invite the user you also have the option to assign a User Information Form so they can fill out more information than only their email or mobile number.

  • When you upload users with a spreadsheet, then you can relate a user information form to present, when the user signs up (White Label).

  • When you invite users to a channel or group on a White Label solution you may define what fields the user must fill out in order to access your solution. Using a User Information form you configure what fields the user sees and which are mandatory.

  • Group Publishing Settings now show both Channel and Course, when you open the dialog. This way you can see on what channel the group is published.

  • Screen recording is available in internal test for all content managers.

  • Minor fixes and improvements