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Release note 5.0.933

  • Channel Manager - you can resend channel invites to users invited to the channel who are in state 'Pending'.

  • Content Manager, Badges: For each badge you now see how many correct test questions the passing score matches, e.g. '45% matches 5 of 10 test questions'. This helps you match the scores to the number of test questions.

  • Channel Manager: you can now download a list with unique links for channel invitations. It makes it possible to invite users by e.g. mail merge with Word or a CRM system.

  • Channel Manager and Course Manager: Groups are displayed with both state and privacy settings.

  • Course Page: The channel link is made less button like and more discrete in order not to disturb the user while working with the course.

  • Course Page: As admin you now see the group's state and privacy settings next to the admin breadcrumb.

  • Tasks "Add Users to Groups" and "Add Users to Courses" can also be defined to add the new users to an existing or a new User List.

  • Date fields can now be cleared in one click. This makes it easier to clear date fields compared to trying to delete it by selecting all in the date field.

  • White Label admin can see user's public profile no matter user's settings.

  • 'Support email' renamed to 'System Email Address' (White Label configuration)

  • Minor fixes and improvements

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