• cbn622

Release note 5.0.992

Updated: 8 hours ago

  • Courses can be created as 'Stand Alone' courses. When a course is 'Stand Alone' then all header and footer information is hidden on the course page. It is easier for you to embed in other applications or webpages when these elements are hidden. The feature is available from subscription level 'Business'.

  • We have upgraded to a new video streaming platform. The new platform has a much better end user experience as it supports adaptive streaming and better player experience on all devices. Additional benefits are increased security and control. All new account will upload videos and stream from here. Existing accounts will upload all new content to the new platform. In the coming months we will migrate existing videos to the new platform. If you reupload existing content, then it will automatically be on the new platform.

  • Invitations made via the REST API have an option to add an expiry date for the invite. This will be checked on user access and is more flexible in terms of user management.

  • The REST API has a new method to log a user out from all uQualio sessions.

  • The REST API has new methods for adding a user to a channel or to the account (channel invitation and account invitation). Users must have an active invite in order to receive a login link.

  • The REST API method 'create user' now supports adding user information on creation. This matches the fields you already now can set via the invite API calls.

  • Minor fixes and improvements