• cbn622

Release Note 5.0.897

  • Channel Page, list view. The course title is now shown much longer than before. The list view title was shown with the length for the tile view. This made some of the course titles look wrong/incomplete.

  • Course now shows topic title, when the video plays. This make the user understand the context as the title is shown with the video.

  • Channel Page and Course Page now offer an HTML rich link with an HTML <a> tag with link to the channel or the course. This makes it easier to include in other websites or emails.

  • Resource grids can be filtered on file type. This helps you search faster for the resource you want to add to a topic, course or channel.

  • All resources are now sorted by name and not the sequence you added them to the topic, course or channel. We have also made the text much longer so a descriptive name helps the user understand the resource content or purpose better.

  • You can now write a description for your account. The description is used on the White Label Account Default Page.

  • Minor fixes and improvements