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Release note 5.0.888

  • The user's name is shown, when the mouse hovers over the user's photo in the upper right corner. This is a help in case you have multiple logins and want to see who you are.

  • Content versions for dynamic content drafts are now available as Archived and not Deleted content versions. This makes it possible to restore a previous version of the content also for dynamic content.

  • Channel Manager and Course Manager have a button to clear all filters. You now see more clearly that a filter is applied and you can clear all filters and restore defaults by clicking the button.

  • Navigation issues for users in both standard and white label solutions updated

  • White Label configuration menu. The configuration items are changed to a tree view. This makes it easier to overview where you can view and modify a configuration setting for your White Label solution.

  • Favicon could not be uploaded from all browsers and operating systems. This is fixed and you should be able to update the White Label favicon no matter what operating system you use.

  • API changes:

  • Notifications only selects notifications that are less than one month old.

  • User badges are now returned with a URL to the badge image from the Achievement page.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

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