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Release note 5.0.877

  • Corporate Managers can now assign the role Course Assistant to new users when they are added via the tasks 'Add New Users to Courses' or 'Add New Users to Groups'.

  • A new navigation element is added: Category. Category is now available as navigation element on White Label solution. You define your own categories and assign them to content. When you enable categories on Directory course pages, then the user can filter and show only items matching the selected category. Category items are available in multiple languages based on your own translation.

  • Content can be tagged with Category if you have a White Label solution. The element is shown in the Summary section.

  • Master Language is added as White Label configuration item. The Master Language is used when you define Category items. The Master Language is one of the languages in uQualio®. You may limit Available Languages in your Configuration. The Master Language is one of the Allowed Languages.

  • You now have direct access to edit your Channel directly from the channel. It is through a new menu item on the channel gear menu. The new menu item is available if you have the one of the roles Corporate Manager or Channel Manager on the channel. It

  • Minor fixes and improvements