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Release 5.0.918

  • Directory for standard solutions how has Tags list shown collapsed to the left. The tags make search and inspiration faster for user to locate related topics with interesting tags.

  • Course page - topic thumbnails are made clearer so you can read text and see the image better.

  • Content Editor, Badge management: New smaller '...' menu for copy, delete and edit of badges.

  • Content Editor, Reuse Topics: In some cases a video upload could fail. It was possible to add a topic with failed upload from the Reuse Topic task. Topics without a successful video upload are no longer shown in the selection grid.

  • Resources are now always shown with an icon matching the file type. A default icon is shown, when no specific icon is defined.

  • You can set default text color and default background color for your channels and and your content.

  • The aspect ratio of the Account Default Page's cover images is corrected and matches other cover images.

  • User Information Fields are released for White Label solutions. You can then decide what user information fields the user must fill out on registration. This can be used to have different user segments fill out more or less information on sign up.

  • REST API calls with achievements now return the full URL of both the badge and the related target.

  • Support Email can now be filled and validated on creation and changes for White Label solutions. Emails will be sent as this sender to users.

  • Intro Tour is now available for White Label accounts when they are created.

  • Minor fixes and improvements

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