December 1st, 2020
Kids at tables on computers learning

– BUT OF COURSE ALSO ABOUT ONLINE EDUCATION and our eLearning authoring creation software :)

In September, a local 8th-grade school class from Søhøjskolen came to visit @uQualio at our location in Veksø Denmark. The students worked interdisciplinary in PE and math.

Percentage calculations, personal finances, and fee traps were discussed, but also cultural differences, communication, and business resulting in many curious questions. The students of course also learned how to use our technology platform and create courses for their class to stimulate learning.

When a company opens its doors to a school class, the students get both realistic teachings, insight into everyday life in a workplace, and more variety in the school day. It is good for learning, motivation, and well-being.

The visit was made possible via, where Egedal Kommunes schools can get in touch with companies, associations, and others who offer free and practical courses that can bring the school into reality and reality into school.

At @uQualio we believe our mission is to make the best and most affordable, combined eLearning, knowledge test, and social media marketing tool on the planet. We truly believe that education makes the world a better place!

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