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How a professional voice actor can “talk” your eLearning videos to the next level

Do not underestimate the impact well delivered dialogue can have on your eLearning videos.

eLearning has gone a long way from its humble beginnings well over two decades ago. Nowadays, eLearning courses come in all shapes and sizes - from gamified & interactive learning apps, virtual classrooms, SCROM courses, live webinars, and of course, eLearning videos.

eLearning videos are a combination of many different elements that all need to work in harmony to create a successful and engaging learning experience. For example, the script needs to be informative and well written, the actual video material well shot, graphics need to be sleek and clean, and finally, the message should be delivered by a competent and professional voice. If only one of these elements is out of sync, the whole eLearning video can fall flat and will fail to deliver the intended learning message.

In other words, a successful eLearning video requires all of its moving parts to cohesively work together so the learning message gets across as intended. However, voice-overs in eLearning videos are often glossed over or not given the attention they deserve. A common mistake of those who produce eLearning is to allocate plenty of resources on great learning material, work, and rework the script until it is perfect and have the layout of the video and its graphics spot on, only to have the voice delivery sound unprofessional and lacking.

The power of a good voice

When creating eLearning videos, one should not underestimate the power of skilled voice audio delivery. As it is argued in this eLearningIndustry post, the voice is a key component of an eLearning course. While it can seem fairly easy to create, it is often hard to get exactly right.

Hiring a professional eLearning Voice Provider is something worth considering if you think of creating high quality eLearning that engages your learners and motivates them to learn. Voice Provider have the experience and technical know-how to make your script come to life. These professionals have trained themselves to deliver lines with all sorts of intonations and emotions, from playful, knowledgeable, energetic, serious or passionate, and they literally breathe life into your eLearning videos that would otherwise sound monotone, uninspired or quite simply, boring.

Choosing the right eLearning voice actors for your online training course can be challenging to say the least, however, uQualio® has recently launched a Partner Program, and we have onboarded some fantastic professional eLearning Voice Providers with plenty of experience in the industry.

Why is it important to hire a professional for the speak?

Here’s some of the benefits that we could tap into when talking to our new partners Susie New, Mike Centrell and Shane Graham. Each of them are independent voice actors: Mike and Shane from the US, and Susie from the UK. They have years of experience in the field:

  1. Industry knowledge and experience – All three professionals agree: what makes them unique is their industry knowledge and extensive experience in the field.

  2. Professional studio – High-quality audio is crucial to ensure the proper content delivery of eLearning material. Mike for example has a “broadcast quality home studio and can edit and split all sound files, before sending finished .mp3 or .wav files directly to the customer”. Susie moreover, offers writing and proof reading services to help you with using the English language.

  3. Trained actors – Understanding how to interpret and record your script in different tones is an art.

  4. Commitment and availability – By hiring a voice actor you make sure your eLearning projects are done in time and with the latest technologies for recording. Making sure your voice actor is committed and up for the task can really make the difference!

To sum up, voice-over professionals can interpret a script in ways amateurs simply cannot do. They can read from the provided script and bring their creative flair, input, and imagination to the project, resulting in an eLearning video with far better quality that engages your learners and helps you achieve your eLearning goals!

Susie, Mike, and Shane are the first voice actor professionals that have partnered with us. If you want to learn more about them, check their profiles out in our partner listing, and do not hesitate to contact them for your upcoming eLearning projects. We will soon onboard new voice actors specialized in other languages, so stay tuned for new partner incorporations!

On the other hand, if you are a voice actor or provide video creation services of any other kind, do not hesitate to contact us. You can read more about the Partner Program here.


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