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Four Must Have Elements in Modern Online Learning 2019

Updated: 5 hours ago

By the uQualio Team

A combination of videos, bite-sized learning units, interactivity, and gamification are four must-have elements in modern online learning 2019!

Videos, bite-sized learning units, interactivity, and gamification 

Founded on the newest insights and research within learning innovation, it’s clear that bite-sized learning units, that offer short video instructions and have elements of interactivity, are a strong guarantee for the highest possible learning effect for multiple types of learners – academic as well as non-academic. In addition, as a producer of learning content, the bite-sized educational approach with short videos, makes it extremely easy and fast to create and edit content. Finally, a video combined with engaging gamification elements can make it even fun to learn – learn faster – and increase impact even further! As a learning professional you will most likely be dealing with busy time-pressurized learners who are trying to manage their business affairs while taking a course and the bite-sized approach makes it more attractive for your learners to learn.

Micro-learning – the latest buzzwords ​

In the eLearning and instructional design realm, Micro-learning is the latest buzzword. Micro-learning refers to an educational approach that offers bite-sized, small learning units with just the necessary amount of info to help learners achieve a goal1. According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, learning in bite-sized pieces makes the transfer of learning from the classroom to the desk 17% more efficient. Because each chunk of learning content addresses only 1-2 learning objectives. Traditional courses yield 4-5 learned take-aways1.  ​

Video is an essential learning technology ​

For decades videos have proven to increase learning and appeal to a diverse group of learners. Today we have very good evidence for how to create a video to improve learning. Maybe the biggest empirical study to date with data from 6.9 mill. video watching (2) shows that less than 6 minutes is the optimal length for instructional videos. At 5 minutes the video watching begins decreasing. Another newer study showed that the value of video for learning effectiveness was contingent upon the provision of interactivity. Students in the e-Learning environment that provided interactive video achieved significantly better learning performance and a higher levels of learning satisfaction than in other settings3. 

All in all, video is an essential learning technology;

Listening and watching instead of reading, videos support different learning styles and are especially good for non-academic learners. But the videos need to be designed the right way. ​

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