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Learn how a video eLearning platform can support all your learning & training needs!

Ada L. Stein, a lecturer at DTU and President of PWN Global in Denmark together with Christian Bjerre Nielsen, our CPO here at uQualio®, sat down (digitally of course) for a very productive chat as part of DTU compute‘s KomDigital “Learning Technologies” Podcast series.

Ada & Christian discuss the advantages of using our eLearning platform as a video training tool for businesses including real-life customer case examples where the “enhanced YouTube channel with learning functionality” that uQualio is, takes corporate training & onboarding processes to the next level through video, gamification & social sharing!

You can hear the full podcast completely for FREE over at Spreaker.

Curious for more content? Learn more about how to strengthen your digital skills and create value from them at KomDigital’s website.

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