Sunset Sailboats

I can make people listen!

Voice Recording & Voice-over. For everything that should be heard. You write the script - I make people listen to it!

I am a professional voice actor with more than 25 years of experience in TV and Radio.

12 Years as Anchor Man of the Radio Morning-Show, 5 Years Anchor Man of a TV Infotainment-Show and 2 Years Showmaster in a daily SAT*1 Game-Show.

Since 2008, I do professional voice recordings in German & English, with a voice deep warm, rough and hard, mid age or senior-voice , that is changeable in many ways of Sound or Age. I work with my own professional recording studio in broadcast quality.

3 times a year, I appear in theater performances. Since 2014, I am the Narratorvoice of the famous "Stoertebekers Pirate Festival" on the german Island of Rügen.

Voice recording with a Voice to remember. 

Best for...

For Company Image, Voice-over, TV/Radio advertisement, Documentary, E-Learning, Answering Machines, E-Books and Video Game Characters. 

Who is their typical customer?

Nestlé, Coca-Cola, MAN, Mercedes, Volkswagen, SeaEye Org, Div. Game Providers, Private Costumers.

Areas of expertise:




Voice Provider


German and English

Bodo Henkel


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