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RomanVO provides clients with broadcast quality voice-overs, licensed music, and full audio production including audio restoration, mixing, and mastering.

Educational and explainer voice-overs from IT (Internet Technology) and medical, to E-Learning, and HR (Human Resources) training require a wide variety of vocal styles and interpretations.

An educational voice needs to be informative, authoritative, and engaging, to capture the audience’s attention, keep them engaged, and ultimately help them retain information.

RomanVO understands the nuances and differences in the various styles of educational voiceovers. He will transform any promotional or informational copy into the perfect delivery to achieve the results you desire.

RomanVO’s 24/7 access to VAS recording studios ensures clients of a fast turnaround of broadcast-quality audio, regardless of where you are in the world.

RomanVO offers a variety of services through VAS including but not limited to creating (script writing), editing, full production, licensed music, SFX, mixing, and mastering.

Best for...

eLearning Narration, Corporate Narration, Explainer and Whiteboard Narration, Documentary Narration, Commercial Voice-over, Animation Voice-over, App and Gaming Narration, Licensed original or library based music, SFX, mixing, mastering, and audio restoration.

Who is their typical customer?

eLearning Designers, Production Studios, Advertising Agencies, Private Companies,

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Gen AM English



Roman Bari

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