Sunset Sailboats

Your Project IS My Passion

Professional VoiceArtist with broadcast quality home studio. Self-directed, or live direction available. All sound files can be edited, split, and sent in any format. Excellent communicator and very easy to work with.


My name is Mike Cantrell and I am a professional Voice Artist. I am ready to help you put the right voice to all of your projects. I can voice a vast array of projects, such as: Explainer videos, eLearning, Corporate Narrations, and all the projects in between. I have a broadcast quality home studio and am able to edit and split sound files as well. I look forward to working with you!

Best for...

eLearning, Explainer Videos, Whiteboard Videos, Certification Training, Corporate Narration.

Who is their typical customer?

eLearning Content Providers, Production Houses, All businesses who need a Voice

Areas of expertise:




Voice provider


American English

Mike Cantrell

+1 425-737-2956

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