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Empowering Education with Animation

F.Learning Studio produces tailor-made animation that empower you to bring your eLearning course to another level with new, fun and fresh appearance.

Since 2016, F.Learning Studio was founded with a desire to produce creative and practical learning solutions through animated videos. Throughout 5 years of development, we have gained enrich experiences in creating animation for educational and training purpose.

Our mission is to use animation to revolutionize and empower learning. To make it more interesting, more captivating, and simply more fun. Providing our clients with diversity in

styles, we create tailor-made whiteboard, vector, hand-drawn animation, and customized services based on your needs.

Animation revolutionizes learning experience.  Not only making learning session more memorable and less boring, it is top effective method to explain difficult topics more clearly and effectively.

With experience making thousands of animation minutes for universities and eLearning businesses, we are your trustworthy partner providing educational animation services to help you make your lessons comprehensible for students of all ages, even on the most complex terms.

Best for...

Educational and Training Animation, Medical Animation, eLearning materials, Storyboarding, Whiteboard Video, 2D Animation, Hand-draw Animation.

Who is their typical customer?

We have been working with customers in educational, medical and training field, such as:

- The University of New South Wales

- Intelycare

- Simple Nursing

- Geof Lawton Permaculture Online

Areas of expertise:




Video Producer & Video Provider


English & Vietnamese

Linh Trieu

+84 945591708

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