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Award Winning Embedded iPaaS Tool with uQualio

We make it possible for you to integrate your platform or tools with uQualio even if you do not have an api. We can assist with uQualio implementation, strategy and more.

ExposeYourSaaS provides uQualio implementation, partner strategy and growth consulting as well as an embedded iPaaS tool that allows SaaS vendors to offer integrations to their customers quickly and easily with no coding or developer resources.

ExposeYourSaaS allows you to deepen the relationships with your partners and clients and monitor use through a private dashboard.

We are implementation, integration and growth strategy experts who can create and/or manage your partnership ecosystem and marketplaces.

We can connect you to your partners, partner management system and more both Physically with the embedded iPaaS platform ( and Emotionally through co-marketing with other partners, collaboration and ecosystem inclusion and promotion in one or more of our industry or use case targeted ecosystems.

Cyclr is an award winning tool that allows you to run customer integrations on your pre-built templates with no per client set up, annual, or transactional fees. Ex:

  • We can integrate your SaaS with uQualio and other systems to help you gain new business channels and partners and even help you manage those relationships.

  • Expertise in Alliances and Partnership development and management is a large part of what we can offer. Relationships and connections in the industry allow us to place you into Technology ecosystems where co-marketing can accelerate growth and improve client retention.

We are experts within:

HRTech, TATech, WorkTech and FinTech in the Higher Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Hospitality markets.

Areas of expertise:




uQualio demonstration and implementation, Integration consultancy, integration software



Katrina Paglierani

+1 207-583-6464

- All Partners listed on our website are independent legal entities.  

- The relationship between a Sales Partner and uQualio will always be that the Sales Partner is an independent referrer who can make a commission when referring customers to sign up with an account on the uQualio platform. All Sales Partners have been certified in the use of the uQualio platform. The level of certification matches the services they offer.  

- If you and a Partner, Sales or Service Provider, enters into an agreement about the provision of the Partners services, it's up to you and the Partner to determine the costs and terms of your agreement. uQualio does not under any circumstances take responsibility for the outcome of their services. uQualio does not get involved in any current or future disputes between you and any Partner.