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Find professional voice over talents from around the world.

We are DVO The Voice Over Agency. More than 3.000 voice over talents, speaking 90 languages. The art of narrating stories is the key to establish a bond between a person and a brand. We have been the voice to many stories, now, we want to tell yours.

Find your voice among our professional voice talents. Professionals who put their voices at the disposal of the most significant brands in the world, and of new entrepreneurs too. Our voice actors are qualified, experienced, and would love nothing more than to help you get optimal results out of the chosen voice artist’s voice for your particular spot, e-learning course or corporate video.

We work with passion and energy to achieve our fundamental goal – to find the right voice to convey your message. Every country, every language, every accent has a unique nature. We understand this, and that’s why we can adapt to the specific features of each environment and record your message in a unique way.

For us, each project is unique that is why we offer the best possible service at all three stages of audio preparation: Pre-Production, Recording, Post-Production. And our extensive list of voice artists grants us to have Home Recording Studios all over the world. This allows us to meet some pretty amazing deadlines! And that’s not all, we do much more than voice overs. We offer other services such as: transcription, time coding, subtitles, translation and video editing.

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Voice over projects in any language you can think of. We adapt our voice over services to the needs of your project: interactive response, corporate, commercial, e-learning.

We offer other services such: transcription, time coding, subtitles, translation and video editing.

Who is their typical customer?

We work with the most significant brands in the world,recognized localization companies and also small companies and new entrepreneurs. Our voices are featured by companies including Google, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Disney, BMW, Volkswagen, Turkish Airlines and many more.

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DVO has more than 3.000 voice over talents from 90 countries.

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