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Improving Your International Sales Culture

Brynk Business Academy is offering strategy workshops, sales training, leadership seminars and executive coaching sessions to companies that are seeking to change their sales culture and/or grow their company on the international markets. The workshops are primarily held as offline sessions but can be booked as webinars and be combined with video tutorials in order to maximize the results achieved by the participants and minimize the time spent away from the office and core business.

We are helping companies increase their international sales results by improving their client communication skills and intercultural awareness through very hands-on workshops and personal coaching.

Best for:

Sales organizations that are struggling to increase their international sales or have ambitious growth strategies on foreign markets will get a very hands-on approach to identifying the best go-to-market strategy. The sales and management training of the staff members is done in a way that it minimizes the time away from the office and at the same time changes the mindset to a more proactive, creative, value-generating and customer-oriented approach.

Our customers are:

International sales organizations, SMV exporting companies in different industries as well as export promotion agencies such as the German Chamber of Commerce Network (DIHK/IHK/AHK) and the Danish Export Association and Danish Business Development Centers (Erhvervshusene).

Areas of expertise:




Business Adviser, Video Content Provider


English, German and Danish

Bjarne Brynk Jensen

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