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“Dynamic Micro Learning to Empower the Workforce”

We are certified in uQualio solutions and can offer an end-to-end service ranging from solution scoping through to platform implementation

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Our Specialty is:

Dynamic Micro Learning (DML) deployment: 

We are certified in uQualio solutions and can offer an end-to-end service ranging from solution scoping through to platform implementation

Business Analysis and Project Consulting for eLearning:

Our team is highly experienced and certified across a number of disciplines including eLearning, Cloud computing, Project Management, Agile/Scrum Methods, and Business Analysis.

Strategic eLearning workshops:

Many companies are new to eLearning and especially the DML approach, so we offer facilitated workshops ranging in scope from needs analysis to building the project plan to optimizing the most effective learning pathways.

70-20-10 Blended Learning:

Not all learning requirements can be addressed through a total eLearning solution, so we are skilled and certified in many learning approaches including our own courseware in Relationship Management, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Buying Dynamics, etc.

Contracted DML Analysts:

Clients have the option to contact our team to optimize their uQualio solution, curating the actual content, and aligning it with key business objectives and staff needs.

As a company we cover: 

BizGearbox offers Consulting, Contracting, Training, and Coaching services in Digital Learning, Sales/Business Development strategy and Customer Experience (CX). Our purpose is to help our clients get the best return from their most valuable business asset - its people.

We use our innovative BizGearbox™ framework in conjunction with the uQualio Video eLearning platform, to help clients achieve differentiation in today's dynamic and digital-centric marketplace.

As a customer you will experience:

BizGearbox delivers business advantage by leveraging our innovative “Dynamic Micro Learning©” (DML) methodology and expertise, in combination with the uQualio® Video eLearning platform, to assist client's staff to effectively curate the required knowledge, competency, and readiness to complete tasks – at the point of need – in order to be more productive and engaged in their daily task completion.

Areas of expertise:

uQualio demonstration and implementation, Consultancy


Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand


English and Thai


Enda Eames


+353 87 6287799

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